Fallout 4 Coverage At E3


Where to begin.  Well first let’s start with this picture:


That is an actual sattellite image from over my house the moment my head exploded.  While Bethesda did not release or show any significant game play involving the story, what they did show was absolutely stunning. Lead game director Todd Howard gave an astounding showcase of the game,  which is going to be available on November 10th of THIS YEAR!


Development started back in 2009 after the release of Fallout 3 and it is amazing that they have been able to keep this game under such a cloak of secrecy for the past 6 years. The game will feature an all new creation engine for the current gen consoles, adding dynamic lighting and physics.


Fallout 4 will take place in Boston, MA, 200 years after the bombs fell and devastated the world. The game opens in the past in a small community before the bombs fell. Typical things start off the game such as designing your character,  adjusting your special skills and so on, but we’ll get more into that in a bit. Following the opening,  your character and their family make their way to Valut 111. The bombs start to drop as people are on the platform to enter the vault. Not much else was said aside from the fact that your character makes it into the vault and 200 years later,  you emerge as the sole survivor of Vault 111. It is unknown what happened to everyone else inside or how you survived. Speculation is that some sort of cryogenic sleep is used.  Upon exiting, you are thrust into a world that looks nothing like the one you left. You find your completely redesigned Pip-Boy upon leaving the vault as well.



All new in this game is the ability to completely customize the look of your character. Using a dynamic morphing system,  you can adjust things such as your characters nose size, eyes, jaw, hair and just about anything else. Your characters name also adds a sense of realism to the game. Bethesda recorded thousands of the most popular names to add into the game and your character will be called by such if it is already in the system.  Also new is a way to distribute points in the SPECIAL. Now you start with each category at 1 and are given 21 points to place in any category however you want.


Fallout 4 finally features something that we’ve all been waiting for –  your character has a voice and speaks. With an all new Dialogue system, the game feels much more real and personal. During conversations, you have a choice of several response options which are then spoken by your character. Bethesda stated the the voice actors for the main character (male or female)  have been recording lines over the past 2 years and have recorded over 13,000 lines a piece.  And that is just for the main characters. God only knows how long they have been recording dialogue for this.



New to Fallout is a layered Armor system like Skyrim. Pick and choose what you want to wear. Mix and match if you will. Upgrade and Modify your armor as well. Take different parts from different sets of Power Armor and such as an arm from one and a leg from another to create your own custom Power Armor. Weapons are not so different. With 50 base weapons,  there are over 700 different modifications you can build to customize each weapon.  You can find the parts to make these mods by deconstructing items found all over the world. Need glass?  Find a lamp. Need screws?  Get ahold of a toy car. Possibilities are endless.


Across the world, there are several places that you can build your own home and develop settlements. Building material is the same as for the weapon mod system.  Build generators to power lights and other machines. Run wire throughout to supply energy to these items. Build turrets and walls to defend your settlement. Which would be a good idea seeing as Raiders and others can and will attack you. Grow crops and supply water as well. You can make multiple settlement as well and then have Caravans run between them to get supplies to them.



Fallout 4 introduces a totally redesigned PIP-BOY. This thing looks awesome to say the least. Along with the usual things on it,  you can now find Holotapes that contain mini games that you can play on the PIP-BOY. 


VATS has also been given an overhaul. Instead of freezing time and giving you set accuracy stats,  it now merely slows time. You are still able to target specific limbs or items, however, the accuracy of these limbs and items changes as the target continues to move.


We’ve all see the images of the dog in the trailer. It seems that he is encountered shortly after leaving the vault and is with you right from the start. Not much is known about it or if there are other companions that you can acquire during the game. It was shown that you can also control what the dog does by sending him to a location on your crosshairs,  or telling him to pick up an item and bring it to you. Hopefully we find out more on this soon.



I for one will be shelling out however much it costs to get this. This Collectors edition will give us something I’m sure we’ve all wanted. Our very own physical PIP-BOY to strap on our wrist. Not only that, but along with your smartphone and a special app that will release with the game, you can place your phone into the PIP-BOY and use it as a second screen, essentially controlling things from your phone in the game.


A completely new game for iOS devices molded after popular 90s games like sim city or sim tower. Build and design your own vault and play as the Overseer, controlling everything. Level up your vault dwellers and give them armor and weapons to venture out into the wasteland to retrieve supplies. Protect your vault from intruders like Raiders and radroaches. Control the population by having your dwellers procreate and then name each and every baby born. This game is available right now at the Apple App Store for free.


Fallout 4 has been one of the most anticipated games since New Vegas came out in 2010. Overall, I am beyond excited to shove this into my Xbox One and leave it there for probably several months as I won’t be playing anything else. So far from what we’ve seen,  this game looks amazing and the fact that Bethesda said they don’t want us to wait and are releasing it on November 15th is incredible. Better start saving my caps now.


Gene Williams is The Geekiverse’s foremost expert on Fallout. For everything Fallout, visit The Geekiverse on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout E3 week.

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