Game of Thrones: Kill the Boy Review

A good mother never gives up on her children.

Good morning, fellow Geeks. I hope your Mother’s Day weekend was enjoyable! We only have five more episodes left of Game of Thrones and if they keep building up they way they are, I have a feeling the last three episodes will be a complete doosey. This episode however was Jon and Sansa heavy, with a dash of Daenerys, and a sprinkling of Tyrion. As always, do not venture forth without watching the episode for there will be spoilers!

So it happened, Sir Barristan is dead and Grey Worm is injured but alive. Fueled by rage, Daenerys has all the leaders of the great families arrested and  brought before her children. Daenerys chooses her first victim and feeds one of the leaders to her dragons. I feel like she knows it’s the Masters who are the Sons of the Harpy and she finally settles on Hizdar zo Loraq in particular as they watch one of their own being devoured. Daenerys however, wants to extend their suffering and locks each of the leaders up to await their execution. Missandei finds out that Grey Worm loves her and they share a tender moment, but duty calls and she goes to Daenerys who is close to being out of seasoned advisers and feeling the small sinking feeling of being alone, asks for her council. Missandei is not sure how to respond and speaks truthfully. Taking her advice, Daenerys goes to the dungeons and speaks with Hizdahr and tells him that she will respect Meereen’s traditions and will open the fighting pits back up. While doing so, she will unite Meereen by marrying into one of the great families. I love how much more badass Daenerys is in the show and I’m really sad how Barristan died. I feel like the audience barely got acquainted with him before he was killed off. I also feel like Daenerys is learning that if she must rule, she must be tough and respected. I’m really confused as to why they are showing a relationship between Grey Worm and Missandei’s and what it will have to do with the story. I also wonder how Daenerys’ marriage will appease the former Masters and I really do think that she knows that Hizdahr is behind the Sons of the Harpy.

On The Wall, Sam is reading a letter to Maester Aemon who, if you have forgotten, is a Targaryen too. He laments about how sad it is that there are only two Targaryen’s left and how he wishes he could have helped his family during the war (I’m kind of curious who actually sent that letter to Maester Aemon). It would have to be someone who knows of his lineage. Varys perhaps? They are interrupted by Jon who seeks his council. He tells Maester Aemon that he’s not sure what to do with the command. Aemon tells him to just do it and not worry about those who will hate him for giving it. He must do what is right for the realm and not worry about hurting people’s feelings. “Kill the boy and let the man be born.” Jon goes to talk to Tormund and asks him where the Free Folk are. Jon tells him that he will let the Free Folk pass through The Wall and they can occupy the Free Farm lands. The reasoning behind this? If Jon lets the Free Folk die at the hands of the White Walkers, then ten thousand Free Folk will turn into ten thousand White Walkers, an army the Night’s Watch can not defeat and by giving them land, they in turn will fight with the Night’s Watch against the White Walkers. Tormund knows he can’t refuse such an offer and tells Jon the only way the Free Folk will go south of The Wall is if Jon accompanies him. Jon, not knowing what else to do, agrees.

Now the attitude towards this command does not go over well with the Night’s Watch. It seems pretty unanimous that no one wants the Free Folk, even those that are close to Jon do not agree with his command. Which makes me wonder if they will stage a coo and try to strip Jon of his command. I think Jon slowly realizes this. Meanwhile, Stannis and Samwell Tarly have a conversation about the White Walkers. Stannis asks Sam how he managed to killed a White Walker; he tells him he struck it down with Dragonglass. Stannis tells him that they have Dragonglass at Dragonstone and that Melisandre says that an army of dead is marching on the Wall and that they must learn how to kill them. Sam understands and is told to keep looking for the answer in his books (I’m curious if Sam will find out what the White Walkers are and where they came from). Stannis then gives the order to Sir Davos to get this army ready that they will be marching onto Winterfell. He takes his wife, Melisandre and Shireen with him.

Brienne and Podrick are staying at an Inn near Winterfell where upon talking to one of the inn keeps, tells him that she has sworn to protect Sansa Stark and says that she must get a message to her. Well he must be loyal to the Starks because Sansa gets a message from one of the maids who tells her if she is ever in trouble “she should light a candle from the highest window in the broken tower; you are not alone.”

In Winterfell we meet one of Ramsey’s wenches Miranda, who is jealous of Ramsey’s betrothal to Sansa. Toying with her, Miranda sends Sansa into the kennels where she sees Theon Greyjoy (I have feeling this isn’t the last we will see of Miranda, who will no doubt make Sansa’s life miserable). Ramsey finds out that Sansa saw Theon in the kennels and instead of punishing him, Ramsey lets Theon off with a warning. The scene then changes to a particulary tense and awkward one where Roose Bolton, Ramsey, Sansa and Roose’s wife Walda are all eating dinner. Ramsey makes Theon apologize to Sansa for “killing” her brothers and to make matters even worse, Ramsey tells Sansa that Theon will give her away at their Wedding. Adding to the tension, Roose tells Ramsey that he and Walda are expecting a baby boy. In their war room, Ramsey is unsure of his position as a Bolton if Roose has another baby. Roose tells him of his origins and about how he is his son no matter what, even if he has another son. Roose then asks for Ramsey’s help against Stannis Baratheon, to which he agrees.

Finally a scene with Tyrion in it! Tyrion is trying to get more acquainted with Jorah but it is proving difficult (I loved Tyrion’s awed expression when he sees Drogon). They are sailing through Valyria to get to Meereen, which is the Targaryen’s homeland before they traveled across the Narrow Sea to Westeros. Tyrion and Jorah’s trip is cut short when they are attacked by Stone Men who are infected with Grey Scale. After a small scrum, Tyrion goes over board and nearly drowns but is saved by Jorah. who we find out has been infected by Grey Scale. They decide they will continue on foot to Meereen unless they find another boat.

I can’t believe it!!! No Jorah!! I like him and this doesn’t happen in the books! What’s their end game?!! I kept yelling at the TV for him to cut off his hand. I also can’t believe Daenerys would actually marry. I hope she really doesn’t. The episode didn’t have anything about King’s Landing and Braavos but it looks like that storyline will continue next week. I really hope Sansa kills everyone. I know this won’t happen but it would be insanely satisfying if she just would. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me, Geeks! Let me know what you thought about this episode or about the season as a whole. It was slow but there was an awesome Dragon scene!

Final Score


+ Dragon fire

+ Stannis’ march on Winterfell

– Barristan’s untimely end

– Missandei and Grey Worm’s unnecessary love story


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