Game of Thrones: High Sparrow Review

Hello fellow geeks! I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed responses to this season and a lot of my friends are annoyed with how slow each episode has been going. I, however, enjoy each one of them for the little things. It may be because I’ve read most of the books and the show is so vastly different that it piques my interest and keeps me guessing with what they’ll change and what they won’t change. I know already that the show will probably end way before the books are finished and George R.R. Martin has already told the producers how it ends.

One thing remains: the changes that they have made so far are amazing.

To those of you who are impatient: it’s building up. Game of Thrones has always done this. I expect the last three episodes of this season to be absolutely incredible and I love waiting in anticipation for them to air. But in this week’s episode, we get to see Tyrion come out of his box, Sansa returned back to her home,  Arya starting her training, and just how fair Jon Snow is. Oh and Cersei is trying to make friends.  As always, don’t read this unless you’re caught up! Lets go to Westeros.

In Braavos, Arya has started working for Jaqen in the House of Black and White, a place where people go to die. But working there isn’t enough for Arya. She wants to begin her training, she wants to become the girl of many faces, but in order to do so Jaqen tells her that Arya must become no one and that she will have to lose what makes her a Stark (her clothing and her rapier Needle). Determined, Arya gets rid of her clothing, changing into the white robe garb of the House but she hesitates as she looks at Needle. For the first time since the death of her father we see Arya shed tears knowing that if she gets rid of Needle, she will be giving up her family. This part was very powerful and symbolic. Instead of disposing of Needle into the Lake, never to be found like her clothes, she conceals her sword in a small hole and covers it up with rocks. To me, this means that even with Arya going through with her training and becoming a girl of many faces, she will always be a Stark in her heart. After letting go of her persona as Arya, she is started on her training.

In King’s Landing, Margaery Tyrell is married again and her husband hasn’t died (yet?)! Margaery knows exactly what angles to play and how to manipulate people. She does it in such a way that you can’t even be mad; she just subtlety suggests something to Tommen and it sits in his head and grows and grows until he acts upon it. I have a feeling that Margaery is going to outplay Cersei and you totally get this feeling when Cersei practically begs for her friendship; I almost cringed watching their exchange. I feel that Cersei realizes that her list of allies is growing thinner and thinner by each passing day and I think that’s why Cersei went to the High Sparrow. She didn’t arrest the High Septon for committing a sin, she arrested him so she could have an in. A sort of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” I also think that the reason why she is backing the Sparrows instead of the Septon is because they vastly outnumber everyone and that she knows if they fall, so will the crown.

In Winterfell for the first time in a while, we get a nice shot of what has become of Theon aka Reek. He looks as whipped as ever and he overhears Roose Bolton tell Ramsey that they need a solid alliance in the North if they will be able to keep it. The best way to do this isn’t to flay men; it’s through marriage. It’s here that we find what Baelish has been planning all along. Lets first take a time out here. Ramsey Bolton is probably the craziest and most evil character on the show thus far, surpassing Joffery in my opinion. I wonder what great future awaits him. Will he die by poisoning, stabbing, maybe flaying? All I hope is that if he does indeed die, that Theon is the one to do to redeem himself. I also wonder, when will the Iron Islands ever come help him?

Sansa finds out from Baelish that she is heading to Winterfell to marry Ramsey Bolton. You can just see the look of despair and hate on her face when she finds out. I feel that she finally realizes the only one whom she can trust is herself. I’m also curious what Baelish is planning since he tells her that she must avenge her family by doing this. I feel so terrible as she walks through what used to be her home with strangers dwelling in its halls. As Sansa is shown into her room, one of the maids lets her know that “The North Remembers.” Very cryptic. I hope Baelish’s plan is to take back Winterfell from within. One of the things that I also hope happens is that Stannis marches on Winterfell and helps them take it back. It amuses me that they are marrying Sansa to Ramsey in the show for in the books, it was Jeyne Poole pretending to be Arya that they marry him too. Roose Bolton is also very suspicious of Baelish wondering why is risking the wrath of the Lannisters. I feel that Roose can sense an uprising in their midst.

We get a feel good moment from Podrick and Brienne who are following Sansa North. They talk about her past and how she knows what she is and how grateful she was for Renly helping her become what she is today. She also tells Podrick that she will start training him to fight and also tells him that she will get revenge on Stannis for killing Renly.

Stannis comes knocking on new Lord Commander Snow’s door, asking if he will march along side him to take back Winterfell. Jon refuses him because of the sacred vow he swore to them. Even though this displeases Stannis, I feel like he still has a lot of respect for him. Davos reminds Jon that he is the sworn shield that protects the realm and if he doesn’t help do something, the North will continue to suffer with the Bolton’s in Winterfell. I have a feeling that Jon will send the Wildlings to help Stannis take back the North. Yet again, Stannis warns Jon about Alliser Thorne, which makes me believe that Alliser is planning something for Jon. It becomes very apparent that Alliser is thinking dark thoughts when Jon promotes Alliser to first ranger in hopes that this puts an end to the bad blood between them. Things go south quickly when Jon tells Janos that he is in charge of Grey Guard. Janos, angry that he is given such a raw job, tells him that he will not do it. Jon asks if he is refusing his command, which is punishable by death. Jon, not taking any of his garbage, tells them to take him outside where they kneel him and place his head on a wooden block. Given his sword by his squire, Jon asks Janos Slynt if he has any last words. Janos begs for mercy, saying that he is afraid, which causes Jon to second guess himself. However, he knows that like his father that if you “Pass the sentence you must swing the sword” and if he were to grant mercy to Janos it would make him look weak in the eyes of the Watch. So Jon executes Janos, much to everyone’s surprise. What a way to end an episode and with my favorite character too! Tyrion is going crazy, being locked in the carriage with Varys and begs him to let him out at Volantis. Varys, knowing the bounty that is on his head, is cautious with them trouncing around in the big city. There is a scene while they are walking about Volantis when Tyrion stops to listen to a Red Priestess talk about the Lord of Light and the Dragon Queen. She pauses from her sermon and casts a long look at Tyrion (Foreshadowing perhaps?) This doesn’t stop – Tyrion, who decides that they should go to a brothel, sees a whore that they call “Mother of Dragons” who looks exactly like Daenerys. We also catch a glimpse of a former ‘friend’ of Daenerys also hanging out in the brothel (This part made me laugh very hard, watching Jorah drinking sadly as he watches the Daenerys lookalike). Tyrion sees another whore who he wants to bed and as she finally acquiesces to his advances, tells her that he can not go through sleeping with her, much to his disbelief and dismay. Tyrion is kidnapped by Ser Jorah Mormont, who says he is taking him to the Queen. But what Queen?! It’s obvious it’s Daenerys, she’s the only true Queen of his heart.

Again, I loved this episode and I almost forgot that Daenerys wasn’t in it! It had a lot of surprises that I wasn’t expecting. But in all honesty, I just want to see Ramsey and Roose Bolton flayed. I want Jon to be reunited with Sansa, I want Cersei to finally get whats been coming to her, and I want Tyrion to finally meet up with Daenerys. Is this too much to ask?! Don’t forget to tell us what you liked and disliked about the episode in the comments below.




+Jon being a badass

+Arya begins her training

+Tommen finally getting some

+Jorah’s dismay
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