We finally have our villains. Gotham fans, if you were wondering what would make our favorite characters would tick, we have our answers in this latest installment of Gotham.



First we have Selina Kyle who kills Reggie – Alfred’s war-torn and corrupt “friend” and doesn’t let her deed go unnoticed. She tells Bruce that she did it because he didn’t have the guts to do it himself.

Then we have Ed Nygma, who is set over the edge by seeing bruises on Ms. Kringle’s arm after seeing her kiss her police officer boyfriend. For half the season, we saw Nygma pining over Ms. Kringle, and we know that Ed will not take her injuries lightly. Nygma arrives at the officer’s house to tell him not to injure Ms. Kringle anymore. The officer takes Nygma’s threats as a joke and his reaction is returned with a myriad of stabs to the abdomen. Like Nygma’s persona, the way in which he kills the officer is methodical. Nygma stabs him once, but that isn’t enough for him. He keeps digging the knife into his wound, almost robotically. With a mixture of uncomfortable laughing and crying from Nygma, it is evident that the Riddler is born.

Gotham riddler

As a continuation from last week’s episode, we build upon the Ogre storyline, and it is done in a suspenseful and unsuspecting manner. Jim Gordon is worried for his girlfriend Dr. Leslie Thompkins’ life. In the past, every time a cop investigated Ogre’s string of murders, he went after their loved ones. Jim is worried that Leslie will be the next to go.

With this continuation, we are granted more back story about Ogre’s past and how he turns out to be the suave murderer he is. Of course, Gordon will not heed anyone’s warning to back off from finding Ogre, and even holds a press conference exclaiming that Ogre’s days of hiding are over. This doesn’t end like that though, and Ogre retaliates with a threat to Jim.

As Gordon and Bullock walk into a home with a butler hanging by a rope, we discover that this is Ogre’s father, and Gordon and Bullock conveniently free him in time to get answers from him. As the butler says Ogre has the face “only a mother could love,” we discover that his father does not know of any of the killings and that Ogre could be such a womanizer.

In the house in which they are talking, the wall is lined with photos.  There is a scratched off face in each photograph which we later find out is that of Ogre. Gordon and Bullock walk into another room to find a decaying corpse of a woman – Constance Van Grut – Ogre’s very first victim. Van Grut leads Ogre on to believe that she is his mom and then abandons him, leaving him with a “mommy didn’t love me” complex.

gotham van grut

After Van Grut, Julie Kimble is Ogre’s first victim in the series of “unfit lovers” murders. Kimble is the nurse at the hospital where Ogre had plastic surgery performed on his face eight years ago. She helped him recover after his surgery, and in return she felt his wrath.

Return to today, and ironically, we see Ogre on a date with a previous lover from Jim’s past. Cue Barbara’s reentrance to the show. Ogre is on a manhunt to find his perfect woman and will kill every woman in his way until he finds her.

But, what is Ogre’s perfect woman? Could Barbara be the one to fit the mold? As Ogre takes Barbara into his killing room, she doesn’t seem phased at all by it. Maybe she’s the lucky winner.

This Ogre storyline is much more dynamic than any of the previous storylines on the show because every episode is a continuation of the plot. We stray away from the “villain of the week” scenario and are building upon a story with more plot points and adding characters to fully frame the context. Usually, characters had a one or two episode maximum, and now we are seeing the Ogre storyline play into what could be the season finale.

This episode also furthers the eerie relationship Penguin has with his naive mother, and he is put over the edge when Maroni grabs her face and makes her faint. Gertrude has no idea of Penguin’s mobster relationships and Penguin wants to keep it that way. Will Penguin’s plan to kill Maroni in his newly-acquired bar be successful?

Gotham penguin

Lastly, this episode was so packed with an intriguing storyline that we didn’t even miss the fact that Fish Mooney wasn’t in this episode. But, with Fish’s impending departure from the show, it leads to wonder what her big finish will be and what her exodus from the show will be like.



With two episodes left, it will be interesting to see the end of the storyline for Ogre, what other villains we may be introduced to, and if any villains from the past will be brought back in the forthcoming episodes.

gotham cover

+Penguin’s mom still thinks he is an innocent character

+Nygma finally won a battle

-Selina Kyle’s dress


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