Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Trailer Impressions

I think we all knew that Black Ops 3 was going to be the game of choice this fall for Activision and Treyarch and that is perfectly okay with us.

The Black Ops 3 Trailer was officially released yesterday. It looks to be a mix of Black Ops 2 and Advanced Warfare, both having shown glimpses of the future of war. Nothing stands out of the ordinary for the latest iteration of the series in this trailer, but the tease that technology continues to take over the world as time moves on is present.

Will this be the first time we see A.I. soldiers? It certainly is teased that the player will either be fighting with or against them. The player’s agility seems to be that of a super soldier, like in A.W. The one part in particular that grabbed my attention was when the player shoots an enemy under water, then vaults up onto dry ground to shoot some more. This only will continue to make arguably the best multiplayer in all of gaming better and stronger.

The graphics in Call of Duty are always top notch and this is no exception. I was certainly impressed with the always one-step-ahead presentation. Facial expressions are even more detailed than in the past. With regards to the setting, The Rolling Stones “Paint It Black” is playing, a perfect fit for the series. What we don’t know is where or when this takes place, but it must be at least be after the year 2025, where Black Ops 2’s future component took place. Whether or not there is a past component remains to be seen.

Of course, we will see the return of the popular multiplayer segment Zombies, which has become a major selling point for the franchise. Don’t forget, Treyarch started the CoD Zombies craze with World At War.

What’s unusual is the announcement of a Multiplayer Beta, available by pre-ordering the game on Xbox One, Playstation 4, or PC. Though not yet confirmed, this is likely the first next-gen exclusive title, meaning no Xbox 360/PS3. My thinking is that the Beta is in place after seeing past titles like Assassins’ Creed: Unity and Halo: The Master Chief Collection fail miserably at launch. CoD is traditionally very solid at launch, but I applaud Treyarch for taking this step. No sense in hurting the series’ sterling reputation now.

Watch the trailer here:

What did you think? Are you excited or do you need to see more details? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!


Josiah LeRoy is Geekiverse’s Senior Editor and a mega-Call of Duty fan. Check out his review of Advanced Warfare here.


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