The Top 5 Telltale Games We Want To See Made

I genuinely enjoy playing Telltale games nearly as much as any game any other developer puts out these days. One day, I pondered to myself “what could make their games even better?”

In case you couldn’t tell, we here at Geekiverse love Telltale Games. Moving from The Walking Dead to The Wolf Among Us and now to Tales From The Borderlands and Game of Thrones, Telltale’s games come in the form of episodic entries, split up like DLC across a collection known as a season. They are like a good TV series, leaving you counting down the days until the next episode of a given series drops.

So how do these games improve?

Well, the game’s engine could use an update. Some spots feature rough edges, mainly action points. When a quick time event occurs, framerates can dip and action can slightly pause. Aside from that, my excitement would skyrocket if Telltale announced crossovers for any of the franchises listed below.

Story is the main focus. Story is king. Telltale has taken classic dramas like The Walking Dead and made it even more exciting then its source material. But what about a material that has little to no story? Take Borderlands for example. Telltale created one of its highest rated series yet via Tales From The Borderlands, proving it make something out of nothing.

I think Telltale has a good long career ahead and here are 5 franchise ideas that I would thoroughly enjoy playing through in some way, shape, or form:

5. Star Trek


A season full of Star Trek set in the universe of the rebooted J.J. Abrams movies would be a good starting point. We have arguably never had a good Star Trek video game and now is the time. It could lead into and be a tie-in with the upcoming third film of the reboots. Imagine controlling Spock and Kirk in alternating lines of the story. I’ve always viewed Star Trek leaning towards dialogue over action. Imagine you are Spock and have to choose your next response. Do you choose logic or do you want to see a Spock that goes against the grain and goes with his gut?

4. Marvel/Avengers


Marvel is at the height of its popularity. The Marvel Cinematic Universe exploded with 2012’s The Avengers. Agents of SHIELD is one of this year’s most popular shows. While there have been some solid video games over the years, a Marvel themed Telltale game across all of the major game consoles, PC, and mobile platforms would only serve to expand that brand. You could take this in a number of directions – Avengers, Agents of SHIELD (which possibly gives the most potential), or any individual hero’s universe. Deadpool would be a blast. In the case of The Avengers, I think it would be exhilarating to play as Tony Stark in one scene, Thor in another, and Captain Rogers in a third, much like the Game of Thrones formula. Action could be utilized via well done quick time events. Hey, maybe it’s a Guardians of the Galaxy themed story instead of The Avengers. OR maybe it is a crossover between the two. Disney, make it happen.

Editor’s Note: at the time this article was originally being written, Telltale had not yet announced their partnership with Marvel. This is good news for the likelihood that we will not just see Marvel properites, but could also bridge the deal to Star Wars!

3. Batman/Arkham


The Arkham series is my favorite gaming series of all time. Arkham City is my #1 ever. Asylum and Origins were special and unique, I loved the Vita’s Origins Blackgate, and I am beyond thrilled for Knight. Put me in Gotham with a Telltale worthy story and you’ve got me sold. An Asylum themed story would be ideal. Maybe it’s not Asylum, maybe it is a completely new Batman story that supplements the upcoming Batman V Superman movie. Maybe it’s based on a particular comic series. I think it would be so much fun to verbally spar with Joker or Riddler, to work with Gordon and Oracle, or to even fight Deadshot again. One other thought: a tie-in with Fox’s Gotham would be fantastic!

2. The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit


The Lord of the Rings universe is one that is largely unexplored outside of the movies, relatively speaking. This gives Telltale the most options and freedom with regards to writing. As most fans know, there are large portions of the novels that just could not fit into the movies for one reason or another. Let your imagination run wild. A Shire themed story would be charming. I can envision a story surrounding the Wizards, playing as Gandalf. The settings to visit would be numerous, from Rivendell to Fangorn Forest to Bree. It could be a good opportunity to meet characters like Tom Bombadil. The Hobbit time period would be pleasant as well.

1. Star Wars


If you know me, you knew this would be tops on my list. I could go on and on about possible Star Wars Telltale games. Perhaps it’s better if I list them:

  • Coruscant as a Bounty Hunter in the underbelly of the city. Perhaps where the 1313 game was going to take place (please resurrect this, EA!)
  • A Padawan just learning their way at the Jedi Temple.
  • An Imperial Officer under the newly constructed Death Star.
  • Some reason to travel to Jabba’s Palace, perhaps as Han Solo.
  • This will likely be unpopular, but as a member of the Galactic Senate. Think of Game of Thrones Episode 1 as reference when it comes to choosing your advisors and inner circle.
  • A Sith Lord during the Old Republic era.
  • A Rebel in the early days of the Alliance, right after Episode 3. We caught a glimpse of this during The Force Unleashed and I loved it.
  • Anything involving playing as Luke, Leia, Han, or Lando.
  • A Cloud City resident during the Empire’s takeover, as Han was being placed in carbonite by Vader.
  • A Shadows of the Empire story.
  • Stories during the era of the “New Republic” and/or Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • As a Clone or Jedi Knight around the Clone Wars Era between Episodes 2 and 3.

Honorable mentions: Halo, Mass Effect, James Bond, Breaking Bad, Alice In Wonderland, and Saints Row. 

I’d love to hear if you have any other suggestions for Telltale crossovers, or specific scenarios from the above series. Please comment below or get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter!
Josiah LeRoy is The Geekiverse’s Senior Editor and general lover of life and all things geek. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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