The Flash: Who is Harrison Wells? Review

I read somewhere that the 3rd time’s a charm for the crossover between the CW’s Arrow and The Flash.  This statement is accurate on all fronts.  The mid-season crossover between the 2 shows was action packed but in the end, lacked real meaning.  Last week’s “All Star Team-Up” was fun, but predictable (with Ray Palmer again stealing every scene he’s in).  Yet this weeks “Who is Harrison Wells?” episode got it just right.  These characters share the same DC Universe, and for the first time, it seemed like they were supposed to.

So there’s this meta-human, right?  And he’s running around Central City impersonating, well, everyone.   He’s just a royal pain until he impersonates Eddie Thawne. Then he shoots a couple of cops.  Eddie is arrested for attempting to kill 2 cops!  Sounds crazy, right? Sounds like this is a super insane plot for this episode, correct?  Nope!  It’s utterly uninteresting and gets cleared up when the DA sees the shape-shifter in action later on against the Flash.  Central City be cray cray lately, am I right?  The 2 best parts of this plot were the metahuman’s name and nickname, Hannibal Bates and Everyman, respectively, and a fun little situation Everyman got into with our favorite molecular scientist, Caitlin.  Back to that in a minute though.

HW tvfanatic


Joe West and Cisco make their way to Starling City, first stopping in to the police dept.  They’re searching for any clues they can find that help with the mystery that is Harrison Wells, and they figure they’ll start with the fatal car crash that took his wife’s life.  For this, they need Captain Lance’s help, and it might be just what both West and Lance need.  While out in the cold looking for anything with their case, Lance and West have a heart to heart about their daughters, and lying within the father-daughter relationship.  This is something they both have experience with, albeit on opposite sides of the equation.  West just might have softened Lance up though, and pushed him towards easing up on his ADA daughter Laurel. Meanwhile, Lance might have pushed West in the direction of telling Iris the truth about Barry.  One can only hope this is the direction they both choose to go.


During the fatherly pep-talks to each other, Cisco stumbles upon a high level of Tachyon particles, or particles that move faster than the speed of light.  He and Joe begin digging, and find a decomposed body in that spot, right off the road from where Wells’ car had flipped 15 years earlier.  The body ends up being the real Harrison Wells, after Cisco runs DNA testing on it later in the episode.  Joe urges Lance not to call it in to the Starling City Police Department, claiming that if word got out on who they think the body is (and eventually does turn out to be) that a lot of people wouldn’t be safe, and that includes West’s daughter Iris.  Surprisingly the vengeful and by-the-book cop agrees, which leads me to believe he’ll mend things with his daughter in the near future.

HW superherohype(

And speaking of Captain Lance’s daughter, Laurel had only a couple of scenes in this episode, but they were some of the most memorable.  She pulls Cisco aside, revealing that yes, she knows Barry is the Flash and Oliver is the Arrow.  His reaction is great, as he nearly immediately blurts out, “How do you know that!?”  That’s when she drops the big bombshell: “I’m the Black Canary.”  Cisco’s response of “I love you” could not have been delivered better.  She needs him to work on her sister’s sonic device, and what he delivers is even better than what she expected based almost solely on the name he provides for it: The Canary Cry.  Amazing.  Here’s hoping that we see (hear?) this in action sometime very soon.  His payment for the device?  A picture of him with Laurel dressed as the Canary, one she claims that if he shows anyone, she’ll kill him.  Man, Cisco has the LIFE!

HW youtube


Now back to Caitlin and the Everyman, Hannibal Bates.  At one point in the episode, Bates knocks out Barry and is able to steal his appearance.  Caitlin stops by to apologize to Barry about almost going to Wells with the information Barry shared with her.  A jerk move on Caitlin’s part, but she realizes her error and wants to make things right.  Only catch? It isn’t Barry, and it ends up being the Everyman that goes with her back to the lab, which leads to a couple of kisses between the two.  You see, it’s not so much that fake Barry kissed Caitlin, but the reaction she had to it.  She pulled away at first, but the 2nd kiss she seemed pretty in to.  What does this mean?  Well, there are a couple of hang ups with a Barry/Caitlin romance.  First, Barry is destined to end up with Iris, if they follow the comics closely.  I’ll be the first to proclaim, “Yeah, but, Iris sucks.”  Truth, but changing up the woman Barry ends up with would be a major change that I can’t see the DCTVU making.  Also, once again if we stick to the comics, Caitlin is set to become a villain, or at the very least an anti-hero, by the name of “Killer Frost.”  By this point in time, I would’ve already expected her to start dropping hints about her future in the same way her partner does about his (Cisco becoming the hero “Vibe”), but I digress.  Most relationships between heroes and villains don’t tend to last (ie. Batman & Catwoman; Batman & Talia Al Ghul).  Even so, it might be fun to watch for awhile.  Also, their ship name is SnowBarry, which is probably the most awesome part about it.


At the end of the episode, it shows our heroes, sans Eddie, staring at the corpse of the real Harrison Wells, trying to figure out their next move.  Barry, Caitlin and Cisco then find Wells’ secret room with the yellow suit, as well as the newspaper from the future proclaiming the Flash’s disappearance. So what does this leave us with?  With a hell of a lot of excitement, that’s what!  We’re counting down the episodes to the finale, and judging by the previews for next week, Wells starts to show his true form and his actual intentions very soon.  This inaugural season has been fantastic, and I don’t see the episodes letting up now.  We know from an episode synopsis already released that Oliver’s Arrow and Ronnie’s Firestorm will be visiting Central City in at least one episode, and lest we forget, GRODD IS COMING!  As I said earlier, Central City is cray and about to get a whole lot crayer! (Does that work?  No? I should just stick with “crazier”?  Okay fine…Crazier!)



theflash+ the Coast City nod in the beginning. GIVE ME HAL JORDAN!

+ Hannibal Bates is a DC character in the comics who once took over the identity of the Green Arrow.  Well played, gents!

+ Can’t wait to hear the Canary Cry.


– Wells not catching on to all the research they’re doing on him behind his back……………………or is he?

– Iris.  Enough said.


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