Agents of SHIELD: Melinda Review

Let’s get back into the swing of things with the episode entitled, “Melinda,” which gives us our first glimpse at Agent Melinda May’s past, something that has been hinted at for almost two seasons.  Fans finally got to see why they call her The Cavalry, and the story is even more intense and heart-breaking than we could have imagined…


Before we get into the present day storylines, we’ll discuss Agent May’s tragic backstory.  Coulson and May, seven years prior, were on the hunt for a super person, a Russian woman named Elya.  When found, it can be said that she wasn’t exactly a “friendly.”  Elya had the power to manipulate those around her into doing her bidding, or so it seemed.  Several SHIELD agents are essentially taken hostage, as well as what appears to be a scared little girl.  Who’s up for the task of rescuing these 15 people or so known as “The Cavalry”?  Our favorite emotionless agent, Ms. May.

Melinda digitalspy(

Once in the building, May realizes that everyone is under this woman’s spell, uttering the phrase, “I need your pain.”  What does May do?  What most of us would do: she hauls ass out of there, locking her brainwashed comrades in a room while she looks for the source of this madness.  She finally finds Elya, and they have one hell of a battle.  As the fight rages on, it’s becoming clear to May that subduing her is not going to be an option, and the only way to stop this Russian mad woman is to kill her.  So, via a stake through the abdomen, that’s what she does.  Elya’s men come in soon after, and it appears that despite her death, her spell continues to have a hold on them.  Turns out that the woman Elya was actually being controlled by the young girl that appeared to be taken hostage earlier!  Turns out the woman who was just killed was actually her mother, and the girl was controlling the entire situation.  She was the one who “needed pain” in order to grow stronger.  May realizes the brick wall she’s up against and pleads with the girl, but in the end, she knows she has no choice.  As the girl telekinetically murders each of the men that walk into the room, May shoots the young girl, ending the madness, and sending May into darkness.  Coulson does all he can afterwards, as the men May rescued talk about how it’s insane that she took out that many guys by herself, which lead to her future nickname.  May’s spiral is shown at home with her then husband, a stark contrast from their relationship in the beginning of the episode.  She transfers away from him, and away from everyone.


Elya and her daughter were members of the Inhuman community, and Skye’s mother was Elya’s handler.  The Russian wanted to perform terrigenesis on her daughter, but Jaiying saw “a darkness in her.”  Elya stole the crystals anyways and exposed her little girl to the mist, which lead to the massacre in Barane.  Jaiying confessed this to her daughter (yes, daughter…back to that in a minute) as Skye harnessed her powers in order to create an avalanche.  She put rules in place after this tragedy, and she isn’t supposed to bend them, for anyone, and that includes Skye.

Skye is much more receptive to the news that Jaiying is her mother when compared to the announcement that Cal was her father.  Jaiying convinces Skye to give Cal one more chance, claiming that he was once a very good man who was driven mad by the death of his wife (who he pieced back together…gross) and the loss of his daughter.  Truthfully, you can’t blame the guy for that!  Skye agrees to have dinner with both of her parents, which was actually a very nice scene.  For the first time, we see Skye in the setting she always wanted, surrounded by a family she never knew she had.  Through this scene, Raina’s abilities are revealed.  She had talked earlier in the episode about having dreams where Skye is sitting with her parents, and there are flowers.  Lincoln had overheard this admission to Gordon, and when he saw the scene actually taking place, it seemed to confirm that Raina may in fact see the future.  She still looks like Sonic the Hedgehog though, and that cannot be easy.

Melinda flickeringmyth(

Back in the present day, SHIELD (real SHIELD…or is it new SHIELD?  I don’t know anymore…) has convinced May and Gemma that bringing in Coulson is the smartest thing to do.  Coulson, it is revealed, has been working on something by the name of Theta Protocol, which by description sounds like a base or training center for superhuman people.  This has been kept a secret from the rest of his team.  May is convinced that whatever it is Coulson is planning isn’t a bad thing, but still thinks he needs to come in and explain these findings, but Coulson is busy building his team, one member at a time.  As Fitz figures out the way into Fury’s box (that wasn’t meant to sound as dirty as it did.  My apologies), he gets a hold of Coulson and Hunter, letting them know he’ll be bringing it to them.  Also, Hunter tells him he can escape the people following him with an electric hand dryer.  We’ll never see this happen, but dammit I was curious to see how that was possible!melinda bleedingcool(

A lot of questions continue to arise as we head towards the end of the season.  What exactly is Coulson’s end game?  What is in Fury’s box of secrets?  Which SHIELD will everyone ultimately side with?  How is all of this going to relate to Avengers: Age of Ultron?  I’m intrigued by the possibilities and excited for the reveals.  The episode directly before AoU, and the ones following are expected to blow people away.  In addition, it’s recently been confirmed that the Agents of SHIELD spinoff will focus on Bobbi and Hunter, which leads to even more questions!  Rumor has it that one of the shows will deal with super-powered people, and one with more straight forward spy vs. spy storylines.  I’m of the opinion that AoS will deal with the superhuman side, considering it boasts Agent Coulson as it’s prime protagonist.  The puzzle will slowly be pieced together, and I’m ready for the big reveals I’m sure are coming.



Agents Logo


+ The Hunter & Coulson combination

+ May’s backstory and the origin of her heartbreaking nickname

+ Evolving storyline

+ Skye’s family together for the time being


– Raina.  Could do without her at all on this show


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