Agents of SHIELD: One of Us Review

Skye is an Inhuman, and the world of Agents of Shield will never be the same.  This is what the rest of AoS’s sophomore season is going to consist of.  The question is, along with being an Inhuman, is she still able to be an agent, a part of Coulson’s team?  “One of Us” began that narrative, as well as broadened the MCU/MTU’s ever expanding list of characters…oh! and we got a tease of what Mack and Bobbi have been up to, and let me tell you… yeah, I don’t know where I was going with that, but it’s going to flip things on its head…


“One of Us” did little to further the storyline from a season stand point, but began to ask the question “Can Skye be an Inhuman, a potential danger to the rest of her crew, and still be one of Coulson’s top field agents?”  We, as watchers, know that she can, because we have the background knowledge of decades reading comic books that consist of people with exceptional abilities.  As of right now in the MCU/MTU, the only people with superhuman abilities are due to science experiments, both succeeded and gone painfully wrong (Captain America & The Winter Soldier, and the Hulk, respectively) or are freaking Gods (Thor and Loki).  Coulson & Co. are still getting used to the idea that seemingly normal people can be gifted with these abilities, and even though they love Skye, they still don’t know the full scope of her powers, and what that could mean for those around her.

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In order to find out more in terms of her mental health, Coulson has Agent May bring in her ex-husband, played by Blair Underwood, to “shrink” her (you get what I’m saying.  Sounded better in my head than “psychoanalyze” did).  While doing his best to help Skye, his greatest ability was apparently making Melinda May seem like a full-fledged human being.  She smiled in this episode.  SMILED!  That’s something people with actual emotions do, which was something I was convinced May didn’t possess.  It was nice to see a human side of Agent May, as I was beginning to think that she was…wait for it…INhuman! (Ayo!  hahahaha…ugh, I’m so tired).

Skye is worried about her abilities to stay on the team as well.  She talks about a dream where she’s in the field and staring into the scope of a gun, when she realizes that she’s the target on the other side.  She’s clearly worried about what her new found abilities will mean for her and the rest of the team.  She’s aware that she is now on the “index” for people with abilities, and wonders what that means for her future within SHIELD.  And speaking of the index, there is a conversation between Coulson and Gemma Simmons about possibly splitting the index into two:  Man-Made creations, such as Deathlok, Cal (Skye’s Dad), and even Steve Rogers; and those with abilities of a more genetic nature, such as Skye, Raina and your ever evolving list of Inhumans (which I have a feeling will include our sibling dynamic duo, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver).  And while we’re on the topic of awful character turns, (we weren’t?  Oh well, we are now…) Simmons is quickly becoming the most overtly annoying character on this show.  Her former bestie has had a hell of a string of tough times ever since Ward dropped the 2 of them in the Ocean, and only kept Skye’s secret in order to protect his friend.  Yet Simmons is treating him like he was a part of Hydra, or worse, admitted he liked Nickelback.  She needs to snap out of it, and realize that she’s at her best when her and Fitz are a team.

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On another front, Skye’s father Cal (Mr. Hyde) seems to be putting together a team of villains, made up of lesser known characters of the 616 universe.  Among them, he recruits Karla Faye Gideon (played by Drea Di Matteo) and the appropriately named Anger the Screamer, who both happen to be characters within the Daredevil universe (crossover anyone?), along with a couple of others.  I found it interesting that he only seems to be recruiting those who would be labeled in the index as “Man-Made”.  Also, it seemed interesting to me that Marvel would decide to introduce a character, while not an Inhuman in any way, and definitely not appearing to be a “good guy”, with abilities that at least resemble those of Black Bolt, arguably the most famous, and one of the most powerful, of all the Inhumans.  Maybe it’s a bit of foreshadowing?  Or a case of Marvel saying, “eh, we can do whatever the f we want to do.” To which I respond… “yeah, pretty much.”

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The “battle”, or non-battle, that takes place between Coulson’s crew and Cal’s army of misfits was a bit lack-luster until the end, other than a few points that I will provide in list form (because I love making lists):

1- Bobbi’s fighting skills almost portray her as Black Widow-esque.  I dig that about her.

2- Did Angar REALLY kill, like, 40 teenagers with that scream?!  And like, 200 birds!?  Damn, Cal, that’s just unnecessary.

3- We learn that Skye hasn’t been controlling her “tremors” as much as keeping them in, resulting in over 70 hairline fractures in her bones and burst capillaries in her arms.

At the end of this fight, our favorite “No Eyed Nomad” Gordon, who I’m still assuming is Reader from the 616, shows up and teleports him and Cal out of Dodge.  We find Cal in a room, having destroyed everything, screaming at no one in particular about how they should have taken his daughter instead of him.  Gordon comes in and basically tells him to knock it off, both the screaming and the assembling of the misfit toys.  Cal starts to refer to them, himself and Gordon, as one and the same, when Gordon stops him.  “You’re not one of us.  You’re a science experiment,” he proclaims, and basically says it’s not up to him what happens to Cal.  And then he lets him leave.  And that’s it.  And I was thoroughly confused by the exchange.  Why Nightcrawler-kidnap him if you’re just gonna give him a stern talking to, and then just have him walk out.  Hopefully this is expanded on in future episodes, because it sure left me shaking my head in confusion.

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Now, on to Bobbi & Mack.  Bobbi is still kicking ass on the side of SHIELD while Mack has Hunter handcuffed to a sink.  Bobbi has a heart to heart with Coulson, albeit not a truthful one, while Mack tries to convince Hunter that they aren’t the bad guys, and he’ll see soon enough.  And well, at the end we find out who Mack and Bobbi are really working for…………………SHIELD.  No, no Lou, you are confused.  They WERE working for a SHIELD, but they’ve been working undercover for ANOTHER organization.  Yeah, I know, it’s called SHIELD.  Crazy? Yes.  Make sense?  It just might.  I have a couple of theories on who this new SHIELD might be.  One theory is that Coulson is only the director of a faction of SHIELD agents, possibly put in charge by Fury to see if he can be trusted, while Fury, or Maria Hill, or possibly Tony Stark, runs the REAL SHIELD and figures out if Coulson and his agents are really on their side.  Another theory is that this branch of SHIELD is a bit more covert, a bit blurred along the edges.  They aren’t as outright “good” as SHIELD was portrayed in the past, as Coulson portrays them now.  They operate in secret.  Could this possibly be the beginning of the Secret Avengers?  Mockingbird has been a member in the past.  Could Steve Rogers be a part of this, as he has becoming increasingly disenfranchised with SHIELD, and has been one of the leaders of the Secret Avengers in the 616 Universe.  It would be incredible if they started sewing the seeds for “Civil War” here on AoS before we even get “Age of Ultron.” (Thank you to my cousin Jason for throwing this theory my way).  My final theory, as I mentioned last week, has this secret branch actually being SWORD, dealing with intergalactic issues.

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Whichever way this ends up going, whatever the new faction of SHIELD is, I can guarantee it’s going to be a wild ride to the finish of Season 2.  Next week’s preview portrays them as a bit, we’ll say, evil, yet I have a feeling they won’t be “bad” so much, but more so willing to do whatever is necessary to accomplish their goals (which is exactly what a Fury lead SHIELD was like in the first place).  And was that Ward I saw in the preview?????  If my suspicions about who he might be are correct, you might see the beginnings of a kick-A anti-hero.  And if not?  Well, we still get a healthy dose of Ward, who I’ve missed over the last few episodes.  If the new SHIELD has Bobbi, Ward, and the beginnings of a Secret Taskforce, I just might have to shift my allegiances.



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+ Ward being in the preview for next week.  I love me some Ward!

– Anything and everything having to do with Gemma Simmons

+ Agent May finally having a humanizing storyline.  Thank you for AoS writers for answering those prayers

+ Skye talking to May’s ex: “Did you guys have actual conversations?  Pillow Talk?  Or pillow stern looks?”

+ In reference to May and her ex’s relationship: “He listens for a living, and she doesn’t speak”

+ Kyle Maclachlan as Mr. Hyde, in general.  He’s crazy, and hilarious.  In reference to Skye being affected by the Terrigen Mist: “Tell me, what’s your thing?  I was hoping it was wings!”  Dude. Is. Awesome.

– Hyde’s ragtag band of misfits, just didn’t have the affect that I think the show wanted them to have.

+ The gauntlets FitzSimmons build for Skye to help harness her abilities.   They’re a nice wink and nod to the ones Daisy wears in the 616 Universe.


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