Darth Vader #1 Review

Marvel debuts its Darth Vader series, matching the excitement, detail, and overall quality of its parent Star Wars series.




Book 1 in the brand new Darth Vader series is intertwined with the also new Marvel Star Wars series. Taking place during the same time frame, this series fills in the blanks and shows the behind the scenes look at Darth Vader and his current agenda. Having just lost the Death Star and now failing to repress the Rebel attack on Cymoon One, The Emperor is not happy with Vader to say the least.

The story shows off the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, something we have only dreamed of seeing. We do see the outside of it from a distance at the end of Return of the Jedi, but this shows the Emperor’s Throne Room from the inside. As expected, the artwork is on par and consistent with the Star Wars comic series. Salvador Larroca is the artist for this series and though it is similar to the art found in the other series, he certainly puts his own stamp on it. The attention to detail is astounding, whether it is the shine on an Imperial Guard’s red helmet or the fine detail on Vader’s Lightsaber (which makes an appearance).

Written by Kieron Gillen, the story begins with Vader entering Jabba The Hutt’s Palace on Tattooine, much akin to Luke doing so in Jedi. Though it’s unclear why Vader and Jabba are meeting, clarity is soon brought to light as you flip the pages. The story goes into a one day flashback, setting the stage for the events on Tattooine and where the series is going in terms of Vader and Palpatine’s relationship.

There is a fine bit of action at Jabba’s palace, but the intriguing part to me was during Vader’s interactions with Palpatine. It’s a new angle for us to see their relationship in a tense spot. Vader failed to prevent the destruction of the Death Star, he failed to catch the escaping Millenium Falcon, and now his failure at Cymoon One has prompted the Emperor to promote one of the last remaining officers to his right hand. You will recognize Tagge, who was present during the Imperial debate during A New Hope, just before Vader’s famous choking scene.

My thoughts? Vader will be gunning for Tagge. He doesn’t want to answer to anyone but Palpatine.

There are a few other exciting tidbits, including the discussion for the beginning of the construction of the second Death Star. An extremely popular character makes an appearance towards the end of the story, which made me giddy with excitement (I would be willing to bet that they will get their own comic series and perhaps their own character movie). A Wookie character is introduced on Tattooine and I am interested to see where his arch takes him. Marvel has handled their Star Wars stories with a perfect balance of nostalgia and new territory.

The story ends with Vader wiping out a Tusken Raider camp, for what seems like no reason at all (a clear nod back to Attack of the Clones). The “scroll” in the beginning also mentions Mustafar, a nod back to Revenge of the Sith.




Darth Vader is off to a superb start and only strengthens interest and appeal in Marvel’s other Star Wars series.

Darth Vader #1: Vader


+ Great integration with Star Wars comic series.

+ Perfect mix of throwing back to existing Star Wars material while creating new, interesting characters and plot lines.

+ Relationship between Vader and Palpatine


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