The Geekend 3.14.15

Happy Pi day! It’s a quiet Geekend for us, but we want to know what you’re playing.

Josiah LeRoy: My Geekend goal is to put a big dent in Halo 4 from The Master Chief Collection. Almost finally done with the campaigns after coming back to the game! If I finish that, I’ll be back to The Witcher 2. I’ve also recently discovered an obsession with Bob’s Burgers. Pawlak and I got to witness some awesome playoff hockey friday night at Buffalo’s Harbor Center. Can’t wait to share our next collaberation piece! Check out our post on character deaths that affected us most here.

Andrew Garvey: I’ve recently fallen back into the bottomless chasm that is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I’m hoping to make some more progress with the endgame raids, get my item level up to 110, check out the Gold Saucer, and buy a house so I can raise some chocobos! Any gaming time I have will be split between FFXIV, Bravely Default, and Dying Light.


Leave a comment below and tell us what is tying up your gaming console of choice!

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