Gotham: Everyone Has a Cobblepot Review

Flass and Dent are back…again?


Episode 18 of the terror reign saga known as Gotham presents two main storylines. We are reintroduced to Flass’ story, and see what happens after he is sent to jail for murder, and we also pick up from last time with Fish Mooney’s life after she gouges her own eye out.

After Fish’s experiment with removing her own body part, she wakes up with an eye patch (thankfully for the audience), and finally meets the notorious Dr. Dullmacher who she has been wanting to meet for quite a few episodes. It is evident that Fish could not keep up with her new maternal and caring nature with her fellow underground captors. She reveals that she wants to be Dullmacher’s right hand man, all the while flashing her new baby blue replacement eye.

The second main storyline is a continuation of the Flass arrest and we are also reintroduced to the future Two-Face. Even though last we heard of Flass we knew he was going to jail, we learn that Flass will potentially have a high position in the GCPD, as the President of the Policemen’s Union. Jim Gordon, however, does not like this since Flass is a murderer. Jim feels uneasy when he sees a video of Bullock falsely confessing to exonerate Flass and let him out of prison. Jim is the only one suspicious about this and goes to Loeb, the Commissioner of the GCPD, demanding to know why Flass is let go. Jim learns that Loeb is backing Flass to run for high office in the GCPD. We also learn from Bullock that he had killed someone and if he didn’t give the fake testimony, he would be ousted. Blackmail at its finest. This is where the title of the episode comes in, as we remember that Jim had his own such scenario with a certain Oswald Cobblepot. Except Jim’s version came back, and Bullock’s didn’t.

To finish off the trifecta, we learn Loeb’s intentions too. Loeb and Falcone are working together, and Falcone wants Flass to be president. The trade-off for Loeb is that no one except Falcone knows about his daughter living in the attic, until Jim, Harvey, and Penguin find her in an attic in a house that Loeb owns. The same daughter who crushed her mother’s skull and if found, would be sent to Arkham. In light of this discovery, Jim gets his wish, and Flass gets tried fairly with all the evidence on the cops presented fairly. Loeb switches his loyalty to Jim, and backs him up as President of the Policemen’s Union.
The ending of this episode makes sense, with Jim rising up in power in the GCPD. However, this was one of the most confusing and disjointed storylines of the season. This storyline should have been inserted right after our previous introduction to the Flass/Dent storyline, instead of having to reintroduce these characters to us. It is odd that this plot was put here towards the end of the season, when it could have very easily been put as a continuation after Episode 13.

It will be interesting to see what plot points are considered most crucial to wrap up this season. With only a few episodes left, it will be crucial to end on a high note. But with how strong this season has been for the most part, this will be no issue.



gotham cover

+Penguin is the epicenter of this episode

+Jim becomes a higher up in the GCPD

-Flass being brought up again even though we all forgot about him

-Where was Leslie?

-Alfred is still in the hospital

Contributor: Cailyn McLennan

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