Agents of Shield: Aftershocks Review

Welcome back, Agents of Shield.  I wondered why, during Agent Carter, I missed you so much… One episode back, and you reminded me exactly why.  Thanks for that…and for, well, not having Chad Michael Murray in your show.  I’m super appreciative.  It’s been a long wait, let’s do this… but first? RECAP



Agents 2


Okay, I changed my mind.  I’m going to assume that if you are reading this, you are up to this point caught up with Agents of Shield, in terms of storyline and character development.  It’s only been a season and a half, but holy crap has a lot happened.  So I’m just going to get right into the episode, and since you ARE reading this, you have access to Wikipedia…

The episode begins in a flashback to 1983 (which was a great year, by the way) with a young man with no eyes doing his best Nightcrawler impression, teleporting around a room while 2 people watch, one of them being Skye’s dearly departed mother.  This young man is clearly the same older gentleman with no eyes that we saw at the end of the midseason finale.  Speculation says he is Reader, or at least inspired by this character, an Inhuman introduced into the 616 continuity within the last 10 years.  Teleportation and kid with no eyes aside, the highlight of this scene was the dialogue between Skye’s Mom and her mentor(?), which talks about how this child had gone through terrigenesis.  And the word is now out there in the Marvel Cinematic (Television) Universe, and that is HUGE  (To quote my cousin, “They just used the word “terrigenesis” on TV, and it unleashed my “terriboner”…That’s how big, no pun intended, this is…).

For those not in the “know”, or as as like to call them, normal people who aren’t huge dorks like I am, terrigenesis is the process in which an individual with the Inhuman gene (back to that in a minute) is exposed to the mist from Terrigen Crystals.  The individual then goes through a metamorphosis of sorts, with cocoon and all, emerging changed.  For some, the change is acquired abilities.  For others, the change might be more physical.  In this comeback episode, we see both sides of this coin.



Skye is currently in quarantine when we see her again, struggling with what has, or might have, happened within her.  She’s also struggling with the death of Tripp, as is the rest of the SHIELD team, and is per usual, they’re all dealing with it in their own, self-destructive ways.  The back and forth between Coulson and Skye shows that they are both struggling with possibly being the reason for the death of their friend.  Skye’s guilt is overflowing, while Coulson, in refuting her claims that she’s to blame, is boiling over, understanding it was his orders that had Tripp in the temple, knowing that he did what he had to do.  Their interaction, and the ferocity in Coulson, shows just how close these 2 have become, and just how much Coulson is willing to do to protect Skye, especially from herself.

As stated before, the team is all handling the death of Tripp in different ways, none taking it harder than Gemma.  She’s hell bent on finding out whether Skye is “infected”, as she’s just had someone she presumably loved, killed by these crystals, and she witnessed what the transformation did to Raina (again, back to that in a minute).  Turns out, Skye has been changed, and Fitz figures it out before anyone.  Throughout the episode, you see that whenever Skye’s emotions are taking over, the things around her begin to shake.  It’s a given, that, while reemerging from terrigenesis, she caused the earthquake that caused Tripp to fall to pieces (literally).  Combine this with the fact that her father has been calling her “Daisy”, it’s all but confirmed that Skye is actually Daisy Johnson, the agent known as “Quake” in the 616 Universe.  To quote Fitz, as he explains to Skye that her vitals during the earthquake were off the charts, “That’s Inhuman…”  Yes, yes it is.  (Son of a B, Marvel, this is why I love you!).  Fitz, although clearly freaked out, agrees to keep her secret for the time being, knowing full well that the team is not in the right state of mind to deal with this at the moment, combined with it being something they clearly know nothing about.

Raina is the flip side of this situation.  Skye was given these massive abilities, but looks normal otherwise.  Raina has been physically transformed, and now has to live her life as a human pincushion.  This transformation is not only horribly painful for her physically, with her once good looks gone, she is tormenting herself, trying to figure out just how she can live in this fashion.  After ripping a few SHIELD agents to shreds and having a heart to heart with the Doctor (who, for all intents and purposes, is “Mr. Hyde” from the 616), she decides to end her life.  NOPE!  Not if the Eyeless Wonder has anything to say about it! As she’s surrounded by armed forces and willing to go out swinging, the blind Inhuman teleports in (which, for the record, was a fantastically done effect, in my opinion) and rescues her.  What does he have in store for her?  What is his mission? Who’s side is he on?  I’m intrigued to find out…

Agents 4


This episode had much more having to do with the rest of the team, but in the end, all we’re left with is more questions, and this is what Agents of Shield has done so well this season: it keeps you wanting more!  Hydra has been taken out presumably, but what about Von Strucker and how many more “heads” are out there?  How will this team react to one of their own changing into something they know so little about?  What are Mack and Bobbi up to?  The support group that Bobbi told Hunter about was clearly a cover, and I have the feeling that whatever it is, it’s going to have serious ramifications throughout the team.  To me, there’s no way that they are HYDRA agents, knowing who Bobbi is in the comics, but I’m really looking forward to whatever that big reveal is.

And lastly, where the hell is Ward!?!?  This dude went from a waste of space character in the first half of the inaugural season, to one of the most interesting and complex villains that the show has given us.  He’s clearly not dead, so I want him back, playing head games, being a dick, and preferably growing his beard back.  Villains need beards.  It’s Science.

As I said, welcome back Agents of Shield.  You have been missed.



Agents Logo


+ The teleportation effects… I’d like him more if he was blue and looked like a devil, but, ya know, we’ll blame FOX for that…

– Agent May… Can we please make her interesting in some way, shape or form?

+ the opening scene with Coulson and Skye…the best father/daughter relationship on TV

+ “You’ll never take us alive!” : Coulson’s “last words” in the faux-attack on SHIELD actually made me laugh out loud

– Mack questioning Coulson… You don’t question Coulson…

+ Name dropping the “Avengers”…always a good move

+/- Coulson going to tell Tripp’s mother of his death.  + for how impactful the scene was, as well as the picture of the “Howlin’ Commandos” on the wall.   – because, well, we’re gonna miss Tripp too


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