The Geekend: February 28, 2015

Road trips and finding time for games seems to be this week’s theme. Check out what the Geekiverse writers are playing below!

Josiah LeRoy: It’s been a jam-packed busy week for me, but I am determined to get in the all-important game time and relaxation! I am off to Columbus on Saturday to play a show, but when I get back I plan on finishing The Order: 1886 and trying to get back into Evolve. I just finished Lego Marvel Superheroes 100%, achievements included. After all that, if there’s time, I need to continue The Witcher 2.

Chris Austin: My weekend is going to be filled with doing what every Netflix subscriber should be doing: House of Cards Season 3. I can’t wait to dive in and see what is in store. In the gaming world I will be continuing with Dragon Age: Inquisition and fortifying my team so that we don’t get slaughtered everytime I try and close a Rift. In real life I will be prepping to move into my new apartment as my girlfriend and I sign our lease and get our keys this weekend… Couldn’t be more excited. Stay warm fellow geeks.

Andrew Garvey: I’m totally backlogged with amazing games that I haven’t finished or haven’t even started. I picked up The Order: 1886 this week, but I don’t want to pick it up until I finish Dying Light, so I’ll be working through that. I also purchased the new 3DS XL and Bravely Default, Majora’s Mask, and Monster Hunter 4. I’m about halfway done with Bravely Default (I also played it about a year ago), but I haven’t touched the other two games. Maybe this will be the weekend I crack them open!

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