The Geekend 2/22/14

Our weekend includes coming home from Disney World, fighting through The Order: 1886, and trying not to get frustrated with Majora’s Mask.


Josiah LeRoy: My weekend consists of finally jumping back on my Playstation 4. I have been anticipating The Order: 1886 for a long time now. Sony needs to up its arsenal of exclusives! If time permits, I’ll be playing some Evolve and Lego: Marvel Superheroes on Xbox One. Geekiverse has a dark collaberative piece we are working on this week, I can’t wait to share!

Samantha Sarvis: My weekend consists of me trying not to get super frustrated with Majora’s mask for 3DS, working on my collaborative piece, and watching Community.

Jeff Pawlak: This weekend I’m finally throwing the Majora’s Mask 3D remake into my 3DS and diving back into Termina. Majora’s Mask is one of the very few Zelda games that I didn’t play when it was first released; I only got to it a couple of years later when it was re-released as a part of a collection on Gamecube. I don’t feel like I ever got to truly appreciate its coming, which is something you hear from a lot of gamers given that it’s easily the most overlooked of all the major Zelda entries. I only played through the game once, and that was nearly ten years ago, so after anticipating the hype from this 3D remake, I’m really looking forward to reliving Link’s strangest and most grim adventure of them all, complete with brand new visuals that the game has needed for years, and a few new twists along the way.

Andrew Garvey:  I’ll spend my Geekend in Disney World and flying back home (through a huge winter storm…great) on Sunday. Besides seeing regular Disney stuff and their new Star Wars attractions, I was also able to go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios on Friday. During my downtime, I’ve been playing through Bravely Default, and, thank you Disney, actually been able to Streetpass people! When I get home, I’m looking forward to continue Dying Light.


We want to know what you’re playing. Leave us a comment below and game on!

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