Dumb & Dumber To Review

The long awaited sequel to perhaps the greatest comedy of all time has finally graced our presence. A movie some some didn’t want, some didn’t need, some begged for, and most rushed to theaters to see. For the record, I think Dumb & Dumber is the greatest comedy of all time.



d&d jim 2Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey reprise their roles as Harry and Lloyd, respectively. Taking place 20 years after the events of Dumb and Dumber, Harry and Lloyd set out to find Harry’s daughter. In need of a new kidney for Harry, the duo believes finding his newly discovered daughter will be the best and possibly only option to save Harry’s life. Freida Feltcher is the mother, so the Funeral Home in which she works at becomes their first stop.

As far as Dumb and Dumber lore goes (if one can call it “lore”), Freida Feltcher played a somewhat prominent role in the original movie despite never seeing any screen time. She was a hilarious wedge between the two best friends. In the early 2000s film “Dumb & Dumberer,” Freida is on screen, but since we don’t count that film (sorry, we just don’t), this is her real first appearance.

Dumb And Dumber ToRight from the beginning of the film, it is clear that Carrey and Daniels have still got it. Their chemistry is evident and feels like they have been waiting for a long time to really jump back into a sequel together. They might appear too excited at times, as if to overact at certain points in the movie. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, they are Harry and Lloyd after all. It is also understandable because of the 20 year gap.

Dumb And Dumber ToOn many occasions throughout the film, it features many callbacks to the original. Assuming the vast majority of people watching this would have been fans of the original, this was a smart move. Certain lines such as “I like it a lot,” “Our word is our bond,” and plenty others that I don’t want to spoil end up in the film. I loved this if only for nostalgia’s sake, but I felt the cast leaned on these too heavily at times. New Dumb & Dumber “classic” moments were hard to come by. If you look at Dumb & Dumber To more as an homage to its predecessor, or more of a 1.5 then a 2, it becomes more enjoyable. Take my criticisms with a grain of salt; I laughed hysterically with the joy of seeing these beloved goofs on screen together again.

If you saw The Three Stooges movies from 2012 (also from The Farrelly Brothers), you would notice a whole list of similarities. I felt The Three Stooges was absolutely fantastic and authentic, and it seemed to serve as the template for this film’s trajectory. Both films feature young, gorgeous wives of middle age-to-older men, trying to con them out of money. Both have a 30-something man helping that wife, teaming up for the big score. Both con artists’ plans are ruined with the help of idiots – either Moe, Curly, and Larry, or Harry and Lloyd. Both end in similar manors.

Dumb And Dumber ToOne plot point in particular kept me in total engagement: who is Penny’s real father? Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the film yet. From the beginning, we assume that Harry is Penny’s dad, having conceived of her with Freida at Frieda’s “go-to” spot. Frieda says nothing to shoot this notion down early on. Lloyd has a crush on Penny, much like he did on Mary Swanson in the original (if you’re wondering why she was not in D&D To, it’s because Lauren Holly and Jim Carrey were married before a messy divorce in the late 90s). Lloyd and Harry split up mid-movie, leaving Lloyd to find Penny. My initial thought, early in the movie, was that she looked exactly as a daughter of Lloyd would appear. Knowing that Frieda was not a one man lady, I thought it was likely that Lloyd was the true father.

I’ve said too much. Maybe not, but still. When you watch or re-watch the movie, you’ll appreciate this if you didn’t already notice it yourself! Note: I do recommend watching multiple times. You will catch things the more you watch and I found it funnier as time went on.

Despite its criticisms, there are some very funny new moments for Harry and Lloyd. Again driving in a car with a stranger (albeit this time in a hearse), the duo explains a game they play called “Who Smelt It?” Shortly after during a run-in with a train, the ear-ringing segment was brilliant. In the later parts of the movie, Harry is on stage at a technology convention to be a judge for new products and inventions. During a presentation, a scientist is able to show the audience what Harry is thinking at the present time. Harry judging these kids was priceless.

Lastly, there was a decent number of cameos you’ll want to keep your eyes open for. What movie doesn’t feature an after credits scene these days?




For all its criticisms, Dumb & Dumber To is a movie that I am happy to add to my Blu-Ray collection. It is a callback to a film that I grew up with. I must have seen the original at least 30 times in my life so far. Did I need a Dumb & Dumber sequel? Absolutely not. But I wanted it, and I am glad I finally got it.

d&d poster

+ Carrey & Daniels make a damn fine team

+ Good mix of throw back jokes to the original and attempts at creating new memorable moments

+ Thoughtful story line

– Tries too hard at times

– Over reliance on original film’s one liners


Josiah LeRoy is Geekiverse’s Senior Editor and resident Dumb & Dumber expert. GOT YOU!

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Pictures used from screenrant.com, joblo.com, forbes.com, and collider.com.


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