The Flash: Nuclear Man Review

Dude! What are you doing starting reviews for a show that’s half way through it’s first season???  I know, I know.  Let’s see if I can catch up…

Little dude, Barry Allen, witnesses his mother killed in a haze of yellow and red lightning.  His father is wrongfully blamed for the murder.  He goes to live with the detective working on the case, Joe West, and his daughter Iris (more on her in a second).

Fast Forward (pun…intended), and the same dude, now an adult, is granted the abilities to run at super speed due to a freak storm/particle accelerator explosion.  He chooses to fight crime and solve the case of his mother’s murder, with the help(?) of Dr. Harrison Wells, Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow.

Dr. Wells is the Reverse Flash (or at least one of them) and a bad guy.  Does this make him any less awesome?  Absolutely not.

Barry loves Iris.  Iris does not love Barry.  Prepare for this to play out over the next 572 episodes.

We caught up? Good, let’s do this…

Episode 13 centers around the Ronnie Raymond, uhhh, let’s call it, “situation”.  Caitlin’s ex-flame (haha! get it!?) has been seen recently, well, bursting into flames and flying all over Central City.  He helped out Barry in his showdown with the Reverse Flash, but warned everyone to stay away.  But that only means they aren’t going to stay away (TV show logic).

Last week we find out that during the particle accelerator explosion, Ronnie was actually fused into one being with a Dr. Martin Stein, the creator of the program known as FIRESTORM.  We learn in “Nuclear Man” that, in a Darwin-esque turn, Ronnie’s physical body won out (he IS an Amell, so it makes sense), while Stein’s brilliant mind was the victor on the inside (with a few memories of Ronnie’s thrown in for good measure).  What do you get?  A jacked genius who can go straight Backdraft whenever he wants.  The problem?  It’s killing him, and if it isn’t stopped, he’s basically a walking nuclear explosion.

Team Flash does their best to prevent this from happening, but despite Dr. Wells’ cool-ass contraption that Ronnie/Stein was wearing (nice nod to the comic book version of the character), he still detonated.  Is this the last time we see him?  No way.  In my always humble opinion, the blast will have done something to him, helping him harness the unpredictability of his powers and maybe, just maybe, allowing him the ability to control the 2 individuals at force in his body and mind.  We’ll be seeing Firestorm again, I’m sure very soon.  Plus, we still need to find out what that flaming double helix Dr. Stein was carrying during the P.A. explosion was all about.

While Wells, Barry and Caitlin are trying to help Ronnie/Stein, Cisco (one of my favorites on the show) is helping Det. West find any clues that might have been missed in the Allen murder at the old Allen residence.  The clues they find, blood splatter on the wall, in a semi-ridiculous way (but hey, you’re watching a TV show about a guy who can run 827 mph. So relax), lead to the conclusion that a couple of fan theories are coming to fruition.  The blood is from an adult Barry, which means he was there, as the Flash, the night his mother was killed.  Which can only mean we’re going to go full Stargate soon and introduce TIME TRAVEL.  Awesome.  The other is that the blood of the other sample did not match that of Harrison Wells, the man confirmed as the Reverse Flash, which means he’s not the only man wearing the suit, at least not at that time.  My money is on the object of Ms. West’s affection, Eddie Thawne (let’s be serious here, the name is no coincidence.  Don’t know what I’m referring to?  Wiki that crap right away).  While both of these revelations are a bit sooner than I wanted or expected, I’m excited to see where this leads the rest of the season.

And did I mention that I didn’t think I could dislike anyone more than I have disliked Iris this season?  Welp, I was wrong (Thanks, a lot CW).  Linda, Barry’s current girlfriend, is wrong for him in every single way, so much in fact that it’s actually making me hope they speed up the Barry/Iris storyline, which I was praying they kept at bay until at least Season 2.

As for this episode, it was decent without hitting the points that would’ve made it really good. I’m hoping that it picks back up in Episode 14.  Time Travel is mentioned in the preview for next week, so I can’t wait to see what’s in store.  Also, Harrison Wells is still awesome, General Eiling is still terrifying, and Caitlin Snow still cannot sing.



the flash
The Flash Season 1, Episode 13 – Nuclear Man



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