Gotham: The Scarecrow Review

A teacher in the hallway is attacked and killed by a familiar villain. Another victim is killed by Dr. Crane, with another phobia.


In this episode, the writers of Gotham finish the story line from last week and delve into the motive of Dr. Crane’s killings. As we see flashbacks of a woman engulfed in flames during Crane’s hallucinations, we finally learn Dr. Crane’s motives for attacking people and using their phobias against them. Dr. Crane feels the guilt of being too afraid to save his wife from a house fire, and wants to get rid of fear in society in general.

He steals his victims’ adrenal glands at the height of their fear, injects himself with the cortisol, and uses this as a fear-repellent which inevitably brings him back to the time and place of his wife’s tumult.

Girl on Fire

As faulty of a plan as this is, he comes up with an even worse plan and involves his son in the cortisol-injecting marathon. Dr. Crane forces too high of a dosage on his son, Jonathan, and we later learn that he will always have terrors, as we see him flailing from his hospital bed. As visions of a fiery scarecrow shadow Jonathan’s reality, it is a safe assumption that he is the future Scarecrow. Unfortunately, even though Bullock and Gordon kill Dr. Crane, the everlasting effects on Jonathan are already implanted.

Creepy Scarecrow

Fish Mooney, on the other hand, finally shows her forte in the show. She is so used to being a mob-stress and trying to be the victor in every battle she is a part of, and completely takes advantage of her new underground community. She takes charge as she does in her former club, and makes it known that she will not have anyone troubling her. One of her new “companions” warned her that men were going to try to take advantage of her, and she already warns the men that she would hurt them before that could ever happen.

Another important moment in this episode is the amazingly awkward inaugural meeting of Penguin and Riddler. They both show the beginnings of their villainous personalities when they meet, more than ever before in the show. The dialogue between them is almost too perfect – Penguin trying to take over the conversation, as Riddler is riddling and not being phased by Penguin, just like he isn’t phased by anyone. Their chemistry together shows their strong personalities, and they truly identify themselves. It will be interesting to see why it was important that they met, and if they will see each other again in the future.

Nygma and Penguin

The mobsters play a large role in this episode, but their interaction is unexpected. Falcone and Maroni are not shown as cohorts in this show, but are shown together this entire episode. It is evident that Don Falcone doesn’t feel friendship after he kills Liza and life is now monotonous to him. He gives Fish Mooney’s club to Penguin, and tells Maroni that he wants to keep Penguin alive because he is tactical and knows his place in life. Maroni agrees, and relays that Penguin is a money-maker. It is safe to say that Penguin will stick around for a long while, despite multiple attempts to displace him.

Mobster 1

It is hard to miss Jim Gordon and Dr. Thompkin’s relationship in this episode too. Early on in their relationship, we are rooting for them, and Thompkins seems to be a much better companion than Barbara. However, in this episode, as Dr. Thompkins becomes the new medical examiner at the GCPD, she seems to forget the boundaries with Gordon in the workplace which Gordon does not like. It seems like their relationship will continue to strain, unless Dr. Thompkins can calm her PDA desires.

Baby Batman still isn’t prominent in the show, and we can say Alfred is the prominent part of the duo in this episode. As Bruce goes alone into the woods to rekindle a tradition he used to have with his parents, he doesn’t let Alfred join him. As Bruce stumbles down a hill, he treks back to where he starts, and is surprised that Alfred is there waiting with an expression that can only say “I told you so.”

As per usual, Gotham doesn’t disappoint, and leaves us hanging and wanting more. It will be exciting to see which new villains appear. Heck, I wish I lived in Gotham.



gotham cover
Gotham Season 1, Episode 15: The Scarecrow

+Dr. Thompkins mentions going to the circus…I hope we get to meet the Flying Graysons (Robin’s parents)

+Bruce’s reaction when he sees Alfred sitting around the fire in the woods

+The impending introduction of the Joker

-Penguin’s remodeled club

Contributor: Cailyn McLennan

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