Arrow: Canaries Review

Wait…I have to write about the episode before talking about the preview for NEXT week?  …Seems fair… Okay, let’s go.



Arrow never ceases to amaze me.  The first 2 seasons I couldn’t stand Thea, Oli’s sister.  Yet season 3 has changed my opinion on her to an extent.  The same with Roy Harper, better known as “Arsenal”, who spent most of Season 2 being the world’s largest, and most primary colored, baby.  Season 3?   Well, I’m starting to dig him!  Laurel Lance, oh how I loathed thee for 2 straight seasons!  But now?…….. No, I still can’t stand her.  But again, I digress.   Back to the episode at hand.

“Canaries” has the team, with Oliver back from the dead, literally, taking on “The Count” and his deadly doses of “Vertigo” one more time.  Oliver is none too pleased about Laurel, still trying to fill the shoes of her sister, parading around Starling as the Canary.  Laurel is doing her best to honor the memory of her sister, fight her own demons, and do her best to strike fear into the heart of Starling City’s underworld, as Sara once did.  Im not going to comment on how much better I thought Sara was as The Canary (….much better.) or how awkward I find Katie Cassidy’s movements while she’s dressed in the Canary black (she did get SOME martial arts lessons, right?), or even the fact that she got hit with 2 doses of Vertigo (That’s it.  You’re off the team!).  But I will mention that it was nice seeing her come to peace with her sister’s death, and her relationship with Ollie is finally on the mend with her being welcomed as a part of Team Arrow, which despite my issues with Dinah Laurel Lance, is good news for all parties.  And speaking of the Lance family, the end scene, with Laurel finally revealing to her Dad that yes, she’s the new Canary, and that Sara is dead, hit hard.  God bless Det. Lance, that man has been through enough!

Part of what makes Arrow such a fun show is, despite it being about costumed vigilantes and their evil counterparts, at its core, it is a show about family, and the lengths you would go to, to protect said family.  And I for one was happy to see Thea finally find out her brother’s secret.  She reacted just as I’d hoped, realizing that all the times she freaked out on him because he wasn’t around, was due to him actually “saving lives”, as she put it.   Nice twist thrown in that now SHE’S pissed at Malcolm and Oliver is accepting his help. Also, with Thea knowing, you get quippy dialogues like this now:

Thea: “You smell like smoke…Korean BBQ?”

Oliver: “C4….Yeah…”

Love it.

Family doesn’t always mean blood, and Team Arrow are definitely a family.  Which is why it was a difficult scene to watch as Roy stood up to Ollie for Thea, but for the whole team in general (I personally wouldn’t have, I mean, c’mon, have you seen that dude’s abs!).  Oliver is starting to realize that the rest of the team is just as much a part of Team Arrow as he is, and he shows that by leaving the city in their hands while he and Thea head back to the island to “face their fears” (more on that in a minute).

The flashbacks this week literally meant nothing to me, but they did reveal that next week we’re going to see Oliver back in Starling about 3 years before his actual return, so that should be something to look forward to.

And in the preview for next week, we hear, “Welcome Home, Kid…” in that terrifying, and slightly unnecessary whisper…which could only mean…


Dammit, wrong show…

DEATHSTROKE!  I can’t wait to see how the Australian Assassin helps the Queen sibs face their fears…


arrow season 3
Arrow Season 3, Episode 13: Canaries



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