Gotham: The Fearsome Dr. Crane Review

The beginning of episode 14 wasted no time in bringing on the suspenseful drama, as we see an unidentified victim hanging from a building suspended by an undisclosed villain.


Gotham presents its “villain of the week” theme in this latest facet, and we later learn that Todd, who attends a support group to battle phobias, is the perpetrator and uses each victim’s phobias to kill them.

This is one of the more creative and you could even say “favorite” villains of the entire show. Whether he is hanging someone off a building who is afraid of heights, sticking someone in a room full of pigs, or drowning someone, it is interesting that we don’t learn the exact motive of Todd’s killings.

Sheer cockiness almost spelled the downfall for two characters in this episode. When investigating the crimes that Todd is committing, the first sign of cockiness in this episode is Detective Bullock’s acceptance of the fact that a perpetrator is caught. Even though Commissioner Gordon claims there is another villain who needs to be investigated, Bullock wants to lay it to rest. Ms. Mullens, who Bullock inevitably has a schoolboy crush on, is another unfortunate target in Todd’s attempted murders of phobia support group members. If Bullock listened to Gordon and investigated a potential second criminal, Mullens may not have been almost drowned in the first place. Luckily, Bullock’s crush inevitably saves Mullens’ life when he rescues her out of the pool.

Another large plot point in this episode is the lack of Fish Mooney. Although she only says a few sentences in this episode, she admits to Maroni that Penguin is two-timing him by also working for Falcone, which leads to major obstacles for Penguin.

Penguin, although having to keep two stories straight since he works for two mafia members, he usually maintains his composure and keeps his plans intact. However, he lets his cockiness get in the way, and this shows us Penguin’s vulnerable and fearful side which we weren’t previously accustomed to. Penguin is unwary of the bag conveniently placed on a counter with a gun in it, right within his reach. Penguin grabs the gun, though he should have suspected that this was placed for him as a distraction. While pointing the gun at Maroni, Penguin admits he works for both sides, then realizes the gun has blank bullets after he reveals too much information.

As we see Penguin in a car that is being crushed in a junkyard, we see Penguin returning to being steps ahead of his enemies, when he is able to escape from the car which almost smashes to smithereens with him in it. Now that Penguin’s major secret is out and he escapes from Maroni, will we see Maroni attempt murder on Penguin again? At first when Penguin’s relationship with the mobsters is surreptitious, the evolution of the plot is steady and it doesn’t seem as though the mafia men will find out about his plan. Now that we know Maroni knows the truth, the plot isn’t as obvious and it will be interesting to see what happens in future episodes.

Nygma is another character we root for in the show, and he finally shows his first sign of retaliation and that he is not the weakling that everyone thinks he is. When we see the medical examiner open his locker to find it full of limbs, we cannot help but cheer for Nygma when the medical examiner gets fired. But, more importantly, will Nygma ever end up with Ms. Kringle? Also, after all the teasing Nygma receives by the GCPD, what will finally make him tick and turn him into a villain?

In this episode we also see Cat relenting to Gordon that she lied about witnessing the Wayne murders. It is difficult to believe her, but then thinking back to the beginning, we don’t actually know if she saw the murderer’s face since we only saw him with a mask on. Is Cat just scared, or is she actually telling the truth? We also see Gordon and Dr. Thompkin’s budding relationship, and I’m sure we can all agree this is a much better relationship than Gordon and Barbara’s.

For the brief moment where Bruce is in this episode, his interaction with Gordon is a somber one, and he mentions that he doesn’t need Gordon’s help in finding who murdered his parents and will do it on his own. Will this turn into a major plot point? That could lead to Bruce having a much larger role in this show than he currently has.



This episode leaves many questions unanswered, but leaves us wanting more. Who is Todd? Who is his son? Hopefully part two of this episode will help answer these questions. Since the next episode is called “The Scarecrow” we can assume Todd and his son have something to do with this, and that their motives will be revealed.

gotham cover

+Gordon and Dr. Thompkin’s relationship

+Todd’s creative phobia-targeting crimes

+Penguin escaping from the crushed car

-The reappearance of Fish Mooney

Contributor: Cailyn McLennan

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