The Geekend 1/24/15

It’s a mixed bag of fun for the Geekiverse writers this Geekend. Some are catching up on their backlogs while some are jumping back into Sunset City.

Josiah LeRoy: TGIF! I am proud to say I have finally completed my 100% run on Shadow or Mordor (and snagged all of the non-DLC Achievements, I might add). This weekend is devoted mostly to finishing Sunset Overdrive. I am also diving into my backlog to write a new recurring piece called “Hindsight,” in which my first game is Splinter Cell: Blacklist on Xbox 360. I’m enjoying it so far, despite its frustrating challenge. I am also catching up on Gotham and watching the NHL All-Star Skills Competition.

John Fick: This weekend will be light on gaming for me, yay work! When I don’t have much time to sit down and dive into games, I find myself gravitating towards my mobile consoles since their more accessible. I’ve been playing a lot of Hotshots Golf on my PlayStation Vita, and I’m finally going to dive into Killzone: Mercenary.
This is the time of year when I usually focus on my backlog of games. Right now, that list consists of Sunset Overdrive, Wolfenstein The New Order, and Killzone: Mercenary. Like I said, it’s a busy weekend for me, but I’m going to try my best to get those guys started as soon as I possibly can.

Matt Boyle: The geekend is here! I plan on finally buying GTAV for PS4, as I missed it on last gen. Also I’m going to be jumping into the recently released Resident Evil HD Remaster. Nothing like some good old zombie killing to get the blood pumping. Should be a great weekend for gaming.

Samantha Sarvis: This weekend I will be playing Final Fantasy XIV. I went back after a year hiatus and I forgot how much I truly love this game. They made a lot of improvements and I can’t wait for the expansion.

Ryan Orzechowski: Hello Geeks! This weekend, I’ll be playing whatever I feel like. I haven’t been too hooked on any game lately so I’ll just go wherever the gaming winds take me! I will however, be killing some zombies in Dying Light next weekend!

Chris Austin: This weekend, I’ll be catching up on my backlog as well. My girlfriend gifted me a 3DS for Christmas so I’ll be playing Super Mario 3D Land. Console-wise I am currently installing Wolfenstein: The New Order and am really excited to play this as I picked it up when I bought my Xbox and have not played yet. As I work towards getting my review in order, I’ll be playing a bit of Sunset Overdrive as well. Happy gaming!


What are you playing and watching this weekend? We’d love to hear from you, share a comment below!

Stay tuned each and every weekend for The Geekend to find out what we are playing, watching, and working on.

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