What Console Should You Buy In 2015?

If you haven’t yet invested in one of the three major consoles by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, the beginning of 2015 is a great time to take the plunge. All three platforms have a solid backlog of games- 2015 and beyond is promising for more great titles for each respective console. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U all have their strengths, weaknesses, and cater to different audiences. This isn’t a post about “which console is better.” “Better” is relative– and what’s right for me might not be right for you. The Geekiverse is full of gamers with different tastes, and we want to tell you which console we recommend and why. For the record: this is going to be biased. Of course it’s going to be biased, we’re picking favorites here, people! With that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s get started.

John Fick

My pick for the console to buy in 2015 is the Xbox One. I feel like out of all three major consoles, it’s the most complete package. I own all three, and my Xbox One has been my go-to-console without a doubt. For me, the Xbox One is the winner for a few different reasons. First, I’m a big Halo fan. That alone is enough to sway most gamers to the Xbox One. (Unless you’re put-off by the disastrous launch of the Master Chief Collection, which is fair). The Xbox One is more than a gaming console for me– it’s my media hub. I use it to turn on my TV, change channels, watch Netflix… everything. I always chuckle when I’m playing a game on my PS4 and happen to shout out “Xbox, volume up.”

Another huge factor for me is Xbox Live. I feel like Microsoft has the most polished online experience right now. I realize that Xbox Live has been dealing with a bunch of issues since launch, but PSN has had it’s ups and downs as well. When both services are working the way they should be, Xbox Live has more to offer, and in a prettier package.  The companion SmartGlass app ties together my Xbox Live experience in a way that no other console is doing. I can watch my recorded clips on my phone/tablet with ease, and even purchase digital games while I’m at work and have them ready to play when I get home. Yes, I know the PlayStation app does a lot of that well, but Microsoft is just doing it much better. The Xbox One is a great investment for anyone looking to play awesome games, and get the most out of a console.

Chris Austin 

To me, the choice is simple; the Xbox One is the better of the consoles to pick up. For me, the choice comes down to two main aspects: exclusives and convergence/entertainment. What is a console without a great game library? The answer is an expensive paperweight, which is why the exclusive games for the Xbox One is my main reason why it is the superior console.

Plenty of the biggest titles come out for all consoles but games like Titanfall, Forza, Sunset Overdrive and a game that I am not a huge fan of but many are in Halo to me is a much stronger collection over Infamous: Second Son, Gran Turismo 7 and Killzone. I am all about convergence, the more things a singular device can do so I have less clutter the better. Microsoft has gone the extra mile to make sure that the Xbox One is the sole device that is needed in your living room to handle all of your entertainment needs. The partnership that was made with the NFL and NFL.com are great for sports fans. The ability to use the Snap feature to have Twitter or Skype open while watching TV allows you to connect with friends and not miss a beat. Combine that with the ability to be able to control the whole production from your phone or tablet with SmartGlass and voice commands through the Kinect allows you to forget about keeping track of all those remotes. One device to rule them all!

Andrew Garvey

I’ve never really considered myself much of a fanboy. I never pledged allegiance to a certain company or product. I’ve always felt that doing so undermines one of the foundations of capitalism: companies should have to compete for my business. Every new console generation is a new opportunity to win my business. In fact, my primary console for each generation changed companies almost every single time. For example, I went from PlayStation 2 to the Xbox 360 during the last generational switch. Did I feel bad? Nope. No strings attached. Microsoft, to me, had the better product. But what about the current generation? Gaming has become extremely mainstream—it’s no longer a niche, like it was in the 80’s and 90’s.

The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Wii U are finally hitting their strides, with growing libraries and some truly epic games poised for release in 2015. The truth is that it almost doesn’t matter what system you go for. We live in a time where console-exclusive games are getting harder to come by. Most third-party developers and publishers want to release games on multiple platforms to increase sales (Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, etc.), and there are very few notable “true” exclusives, with staples like Halo and Uncharted seemingly becoming a thing of the past (with the notable exception of the Wii U, which seems to suffer from the opposite problem…too many first party exclusives, but not much else comparatively). That being said, there is still one console that I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy, and that’s the Xbox One. Microsoft really lost my business when they announced that they would integrate some crazy DRM mechanic in their games that would hinder my freedom to share games with friends or buy them used.

In August, I picked up a Wii U, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. The Wii U has suffered from a library shortage, but things are beginning to look up. This has already been an excellent Fall/Winter for the system, seeing the releases of such awesome games as Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Brothers. Even though I have the Wii U, I think the PlayStation 4 really steals the show for this console generation. It has a huge catalogue, a much improved interface, split second gameplay recording that is always on, and it has better resolution in many games. Yes, these are a small differences, but in a race as close as this one, you need to look for every advantage. It just so happens that the PlayStation 4 has them.

Josiah LeRoy

I have been meaning to write an editorial on the breakdown between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for some time now, so when John gave this article legs, I was ecstatic. I like the Wii U and am planning on purchasing one at some point in 2015 due to its rock solid hits that came out in 2014 (and coming soon, Zelda!). But the debate for me is Xbox One or PS4.

Note that I own both systems. Since they were announced, I decided I would be purchasing Xbox on day one and wait until Uncharted inevitably came out to buy a PS4 (my wife surprised me on Christmas 2013 with a PS4 and Killzone). To be honest, you might as well flip a coin. Both systems are now $400, both support Blu-ray and 3D, and it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the systems’ graphics. With all that being said, I stand by my choice from the beginning – Xbox One. Even though I paid $500, I have no buyer’s remorse.

I grew up a PS2 kid, but switched to the 360 for my predominant gaming in the next generation. I love the Xbox controller (best one every created by any company), I love achievements, and heck, having the Kinect 2.0 to tell “Record That” is great. No, those aren’t system sellers. What is? The gaming library. Halo, Sunset Overdrive, and Gears of War are just a few. Timed exclusivity on Tomb Raider. The ever-popular Xbox Live, which crashes and gets hacked far less than Sony’s PlayStation Network. Its commitment to games and not “entertainment” from its leader, Phil Spencer. I could go on. Dont get me wrong, I love my PS4, but Xbox is where I play all my multi-platform games. I love it. Not to mention, I have a much larger friends list on Xbox Live. If you’re a modern hardcore gamer, I’ll see you on Titanfall later (sorry PlayStation fan boys! Maybe you’ll get the sequel that was promised).

Which One Should You Buy?

You should buy the console that you like better, that’s all there is to it. People who love Naughty Dog games and want the most powerful system will buy the PlayStation 4. People who love Halo and have tons of friends on Xbox Live will buy the Xbox One. You get it. Each console has something unique to bring to the table, but at the same time, you’ll get a great experience no matter which platform you chose.

You know what some of our editors think; what do you think is the best console out there?

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