The Geekend 1/9/15

The Geekend Writers have a diverse weekend ahead, but Josiah and Andrew are jumping into the new-gen version of The Walking Dead.

Josiah LeRoy: I have a busy weekend of work and band practices coming up, but when I am home I will be playing The Walking Dead! I am half way through Season 1 and truly feel I am crafting my own story. My wife is so on edge every time we play. I also will be making progress on my goal of 100% for Shadow of Mordor and playing some more Sunset Overdrive. Oh and the Geekiverse writers are working on a collaberative piece in which Pawlak and I throw down the proverbial dukes.

John Fick: This is the final weekend of the Halo 5 Beta, so that’s where you’ll find me. I’ve been loving it, check out my first impressions post if you’re interested. I’ve also been playing through Bastion for the first time on an iOS device. I played through it twice on PC, and it’s a game I keep coming back to. Now that it’s available for iOS I figured I’d try it out on my iPad and iPhone 6 Plus. Its been tons of fun. I’ve actually been on a pretty significant mobile game kick. In currently addicted to Bloons Tower Defense 5. Don’t judge me. It’s a real game, too.

Jeff Pawlak: I’m going on an Ancient Greece binge this weekend. I’ll be rewatching Ray Harryhausen’s 1963 classic Jason and the Argonauts, followed by last summer’s Hercules, starting the Rock in the titular role. In the meantime, I’m steadily working toward 100 one-on-one victories in Smash Bros. Wii U.

Andrew Garvey: This weekend I’ll be plugging away at Dragon Age: Inquisition, hoping to finally finish it.  Just like Josiah, I also recently started playing The Waling Dead: Season 1, and I am thoroughly addicted.  Additionally, I’ll be handling some non video game-related chicanery, as I finish making my new character for a fresh Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign.

Aaron Joy: If you need me this weekend, I’ll be out the high seas sailing through the Caribbean, island to island, getting myself into massive naval battles.  I started AC Black Flag last week and I haven’t stopped.  I can’t get enough of it.  I might be late to the party on this one, but I’m glad I made it because I’m having a riot.  I’ll also be attempting to juggle between GTAV, Little Big Planet 3, and AC Unity with a heathy dose of Peggle 2 thrown in for good measure.  It’s going to be an interesting weekend. My Geekend has started 😊 live!

Chris Austin: This weekend I’ll be getting away from Sunset City and spending some time in England, Liverpool more precisely, continuing my career as an Everton attacking midfielder in FIFA 15. I will also be challenging some people online as the mighty Manchester United. I’ll also continue playing my Madden 15 MUT team in hopes of upgrading my Defensive Tackle position. My obsession with Zuma will continue as I attempt to finish the campaign mode. To finish it off I may tackle my Metal Earth model of the Space Needle.

What are you playing this weekend? Leave your comment below!

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