The Geekend (January 2) – Happy New Year!

Happy 2015, Gamers! Each weekend in 2015, the Geekiverse editors share which games they are currently playing, what they are working on, and what they’ll be diving into. Our first weekend of 2015 consists of catching up on some of 2014’s top games and lots of grinding through Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Andrew Garvey: I’ll be (hopefully) finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition after 60+ hours of fantasy gaming goodness!

Sam Sarvis: I’m playing Dragon Age: Inquisition currently and have put about 50 hours in. I feel like I’m finally getting into the meat and potatoes of the game. I’ve done a ton of side quests and I’m just starting some main story quests. I’m pretty much addicted. Dragon Age FTW!

Chris Austin: Sunset Overdrive and Madden 15 will be played by me this weekend.

Kevin Kapsiak: Halo 5 beta here!

John Fick: I’ve been playing GTA V on the PS4 and the Halo 5 Beta!

Josiah LeRoy: I am working on a near-complestionist run of Shadow of Mordor, I just beat the main storyline today. I am diving into The Walking Dead Season 1 for Xbox One and will finally be playing Sunset Overdrive (I couldn’t get enough when Microsoft let Xbox Live Gold Users play for free!). If time permits, I will be jumping into Game of Thrones Episode 1 for Xbox One as well.

Matt Boyle: After I get out of work on Saturday, I plan on spending the whole weekend playing video games. I just got The Evil Within and I’m loving that so far! I also picked up Space Engineers on Steam and that looks really interesting. And like always, a few games of League of Legends throughout the weekend. Variety makes for a happy gamer.

Aaron Joy: Howdy, Black Flag weekend for this guy. It’s on sale on PSN right now for $20 and after playing 6 hours straight yesterday, I’ve come to realize just how different Unity is from the other AC games. Oh, and GTA V for sure at some point.

Jeff Pawlak:Well, tonight I’m sorting through all my Magic the Gathering cards to make a couple new decks. Tomorrow I’m watching the UFC fights at my buddy’s house but we’ll also probably play some Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. Most likely Mario Kart since, well, that’s what the girls like better and what they want, they get.

What are you playing and watching? Are you catching on on Christmas gifts? Leave a comment below!

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