Gotham: Selina Kyle Review

Gotham’s second episode dives right back into what is sure to be the main story line during its inaugural season – the mystery surrounding the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.



Though the episode is entitled “Selina Kyle,” we really do not see a lot of her until at least half way through, which is odd. However, we get a large fix of her in that second half.

Someone is kidnapping homeless children (including That So Raven’s Kyle Massey). What are these snatchers doing with the kids? This plays out over the course of the 45 minute show. It turns out that the snatchers work for the “Dollmaker.” I love the thought of this plot because it really shows how unhinged Gotham is. Kids being stolen and the Police Department is fine with it (too a point)? The Mayor simply ships them off upstate? Interesting.

gotham selinaSelina Kyle, who refuses to go by anything other than “Cat,” plays into form and establishes her character. A few gruesome outcomes show her strengths, yet needing Jim Gordon’s help late in the show shows her weaknesses as a youth. As we see the alliance between Gordon and Bruce Wayne begin to grow via their bonding, he also sees some value to utilizing a relationship with Selina. An agreement is reached between the two on the assumption that Selina knows who killed the Waynes.

Gordon and his partner, Harvey Bullock, seem to have found their stride. I love their relationship. Most of the time, they do not see eye-to-eye and argue to the point that feels like they are on the brink of a fist fight. Yet, they always have eachother’s back, much like Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi pre-Darth Vader.

gotham oswaldThe other main plot point in this episode features the return of Oswald Cobblepot to Gotham. While predictable, Robin Lord Taylor nails the performance. Clearly showing his psychotic side by disposing of two young men who belittle “Penguin,” Oswald is about to try and take over Gotham from a rented trailer home. Again, the theme is that he is always looked down upon, bullied, and never given credit. His true intentions seems clear enough, but is it because he was abused? What is truly driving Oswald’s revenge?

We also see more of Falcone and the gang wars that are about to take place. Falcone’s thugs take care of Fish Mooney’s latest lover, sending a message to her and her followers to keep her honest and test her loyalty. Of course, Jada Pinkett Smith’s chilling performance says she won’t be putting up with this for long.

Overall, I felt “Selina Kyle” was nearly as strong as the pilot. I am hooked.



gotham cover






+ Good creepy Dollmaker story line

+ What is Cobblepot’s next move?

+ Harvey and Jim’s relationship

+ Standout performance by Carmen Bicondova as Selina


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