Tales Of Xillia 2 Review

Welcome back to the Elympios and Rieze Maxia.

Long time no see fellow geeks! Well it happened, summer is gone and fall is upon us once more and you know what that means… Games galore! And yes I know Tales of Xillia 2 came out in August. It just took me awhile to beat it :p. Anyway, why don’t we just dive right into the meat and potatoes of this review.

Soo, Tales of Xillia 2 takes place a year after Tales of Xillia and it looks like Jude and Milla’s story isn’t over yet. Well to be honest they aren’t the stars of this game, the real stars are two newcomers to the series: Ludger Kresnik And Elle Mel Marta. What’s interesting about this game, is the protagonist Ludger does not speak. (You do unlock his voice once you complete the game and unlock New Game +) It also has a decision based concept. Other characters will ask you questions and you have to decide how you’ll answer. Choose wisely! Certain answers will help build up affinity towards other characters. Gaining affinity will give you special bonuses and unlockables. Another nice feature is the Job Board. The Job Board  posts multiple quests at a time such as defeating monsters and fetch quests that will give you gald. Gald is important!! In the beginning of the game you acquire a huge amount of debt that you must pay off to advance certain parts of the story. (ugh..) It’s not difficult to pay off portions of it as long as you’re doing the extra side quests, but it is a pain when you want to purchase gear or weapons and the woman who keeps bothering you about your payments is annoying.

Leveling up is the same, battling monsters gains you experience, however the old ‘skill web’ or Lillium Orb is replaced by the Allium orb. The Allium orb is very different, you have to place an extractor which contains the artes and skills that the characters use. To gain skills and artes you have to get Elemental Ore which is obtained when you fight enemies or by gathering it in the field, the more enemies you fight the more Elemental Ore you’ll gain and the more skills and artes you’ll get.https://i1.wp.com/i.imgur.com/tesI4yk.jpg

Ludger also has a special power he can call upon during battles,  his Chromatus transformation, which allows him to unleash his inner beast mode. The transformation is powerful and can help out in a pinch during strong boss battles.

Now the story works in chapters and is a little convoluted and feels like it took a page from Final Fantasy. The game starts in Elympios where Ludger meets a young Elle who is tasked with getting to the Land of Canaan so she may be reunited with her father. When the train they are on is hijacked by a terrorist organization, Ludger and Jude are tasked with stopping the train. As the story progresses you find that Ludger possess a power of the Kresnik clan that allows him to venture into alternate dimensions a.k.a fractured dimensions. Ludger is then hired by an Elympios corporation named Spirius to get rid of these ‘false’ dimensions. These false dimensions are plays on the ‘What if’ scenario. For example: What if Milla never met Jude?

All the characters from the original Tales of Xillia make an appearance and eventually join your party, even Gaius and Muzet are playable characters. This game also has two different endings, I suggest after you beat it looking up the alternate ending. One is far better than the other. Another neat concept of the game is individual character story lines, which are optional, but if you want the full story I would suggest doing them, you won’t be sorry and it lets you get to know each character more.

The graphics of the game are dated… really dated…noticeably dated. I do understand that the game came out 2 years ago but C’mon couldn’t you update it just a tiny bit and make it 1080 before releasing it? (It’s in 720.) There were often times where I would be completing a quest and go to talk to someone about it and the character would take 5 to 10 seconds to completely load. (This gets old quickly) The layout of the game is almost identical to the first game with some exceptions and new areas. This didn’t bother me, I liked playing through the old dungeons it felt nostalgic and gave me an edge over finishing quests because I knew the layout.

The music of the game didn’t change much at all either. It was definitely taken from the first Tales of Xillia, which again, didn’t bother me because I enjoyed the nostalgia.  The voice acting was also top-notch and made the game even more welcoming.

Overall I don’t regret playing Tales of Xillia 2, I had a lot of fun learning more about the characters and looking at where their lives have taken off since the first game. I did miss the protagonist being Jude/Milla but Ludger didn’t disappoint. My only grudge against the game was the part where Other Milla appears, she’s awful and annoying and I couldn’t wait to be rid of her. If you were a fan of the first Tales of Xillia you’ll enjoy the second part to the Xillia adventure.




+More of the Xillia characters you love

-Other Milla

-Outdated Graphics

-Confusing leveling system


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