The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Premiere – The Locomotion Interruption Review


The Big Bang Theory made its triumphant return tonight for its eighth season.  


Season 8 picks up right where Season 7 left off. Leonard and Penny are newly engaged, Stewart’s comic book store burned down and he is now living with Wolowitz’s Mother, and Amy wants to move in with Sheldon. All of this is happening and has forced Sheldon to leave California. 45 days later and pants-less, Sheldon is ready to come home.

bbt2Leonard receives a call from Sheldon and decides to travel to Arizona to pick him up. A now short-haired Penny declines the road trip invitation, leaving Leonard to invite Amy. Meanwhile, Sheldon’s interactions with a police officer named Hernandez are expected and all-the-more funny because of it. Upon arrival, Sheldon is thrilled to see Leonard, but not so much to see Amy.

On the car ride home, Sheldon produces a few note-worthy lines that had me laughing out loud (I can’t spoil these). In addition, it revealed a human side to Sheldon that develops the theme that we see evolving each season – He slowly but surely begins to “get it.” This will likely lead to a continued, deeper relationship with Amy.

bbt3A side story that developed at the end of Season 7 is (thankfully) continued here, as Stewart continues to live with/take care of Wolowitz’s Mother, who we learn is named Debbie. The two are on a first name basis at this point and it is unclear whether Stewart is becoming Debbie’s son or lover. Of course, this causes friction with Wolowtiz.

Speaking of which, Bernadette Wolowitz is revealed to be somewhat of a bully. Though a plot point that will likely die out quickly, it helped the show’s overall character.

The premiere episode was a nice start and solid segue-way to what is likely to be another epic season. It served as a nice opening episode but as they episodes often do, felt rushed or perhaps crammed. And that is perfectly okay, because the multiple story lines are generally underdeveloped because they simply set the stage for what is to come. All of the main characters seem as strong as ever and I felt like there was no Summer break from the series, a seamless transition, if you will.



Big Bang’s Season 8 starts off nicely and sets the stage for what is likely to be another award-winning year. A well written series of subplots has me highly anticipating each Monday night (its new night due to Thursday Night Football).


+ Good overall kickoff

+ Sheldon is on top of his game

+ Stewart & Debbie

– Underdeveloped subplots

– Penny’s hair………..


Josiah LeRoy is Geekiverse’s Senior Editor. He is gearing up for an intense season of fantasy hockey.

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One thought on “The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Premiere – The Locomotion Interruption Review”

  1. I’m really glad that there’s more Stuart this season- he’s always been one of my favorites! For some reason, Bernadette and Howard have seemed kind of flat to me lately, but hopefully they’ll improve as the season goes on.

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