Destiny Beta Builds A Promising “Light” to the Future of Gaming

I recently have had the chance to take part in the rare opportunity of the beta release for Bungie’s new highly anticipated game Destiny. Now I know i’m not one of the video game guru’s here at, but this game has me craving more as I have completed most of the beta.

Destiny starts off by crafting a character very similar to the engine in Skyrim. You can choose three classes with different abilities, and three races of beings which has no effect other than asthetics. The three classes consist of Titans, which are essentially super soldiers, Hunters, which stalk and kill pray, and the final of the three is the Warlock, a bender of matter in the universe. All three characters have advantages and disadvantages of course, but from what i have played, none of them are worse off than the next. It is a matter of personal preference and how you wish to play the game.

The game begins as we catch a glimpse of several hundred years into the future in a post-apocalyptic world. We learn of a prosperous period of peace in which exploration and technological advancement were key. This time was known as the Golden Age. In a universe where us humans have now spread out and colonized planets in the Solar System an event occurs bringing about the end of the Golden Age. It was known as “the Collapse” which saw the mysterious end of these colonies, and mankind grasping the edge of extinction. The only known survivors of the dark event are those on Earth. They were saved by “the Traveler,” a spherical celestial body of white light whose appearance centuries ago had enabled mankind to extend their reach to the stars. The Traveler now sits atop the last remaining populated city, and its presence allows the last defenders of the human race known as the Guardians to wield an unknown power, referred to as “The Light.” As mankind begins to repopulate and reconstruct after the Collapse, hostile alien races have occupied mankind’s former colonies and are now encroaching upon the city. The Fallen have arrived as the player takes on the role of a Guardian tasked with reviving the Traveler. It is up to you to defend the last light of mankind and fulfill your Destiny.

Destiny seems to have the typical FPS shooter game mechanics we are used to and the environment is very reminiscent of the Halo franchise, yet there is something strange about this game. New perspective. Although I am not one for much FPS shooting these days, Destiny has me rather taken back. As you may recall Defiance attempted cross platform gaming with very little success. Rumor had it Destiny would attempt this feat with success, however the rumor is not true. Graphics quality on this game is some of the best I have seen and I am excited for the final release. This is a game you must check out, and eventually will be a must have in anyone’s game library.


Destiny is available on September 9.



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