What We Want To See At E3

As geeks, we are extremely excited for this year’s iteration of E3. The Geekiverse staff got together and discussed what we want to see next week.

I have been dreaming about a third Star Wars Battlefront game ever since the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 Generation began. The first two games are some of my favorite games of all time. The moment EA bought the rights to make Star Wars games for the next ten years, I was drooling over the possibilities. The obvious choice? EA’s studio DICE, which runs the Battlefield series. Sure enough, we saw a brief clip last E3. I predict the game won’t be out until 2016 and that can’t come soon enough. Also, anything on PS4’s Uncharted would be fantastic.

Josiah LeRoy

Hello, my fellow geeks!

E3 2014 is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. Every year, there are multiple games announced that make people very excited. I personally have a lot that I’m looking forward to this year but, for the sake of time, I’ll choose one game that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

That game is Tom Clancy’s: The Division. Ever since I played Halo: Combat Evolved back in 2001, I’ve been hooked on Shooter games. Now, I’ve played a lot of games in this genre and many of them were great but, no game in the past five years has caught my attention as much as The Division has. This game looks amazing and the new Snowdrop engine looks beautiful. I know this game was first shown at last years E3 but, I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of it this year. I’m hoping to see some more gameplay and hopefully a release date.

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Ryan Orzechowski

My most anticipated game for E3 2014 is the rumored Perfect Dark reboot. The rumors say that the series will get a redesign that shares gameplay elements with the Uncharted franchise. This type of reboot was extremely successful for the new Tomb Raider title, and I think Perfect Dark would be a perfect game to try it out on. Some of my fondest gaming memories lay within the Nintendo 64 version of the game. The Xbox 360 reboot didn’t exactly catch on, but I feel like if they change up the gameplay from a basic FPS, it might have a real chance. As if now this is nothing but a rumor, but this is probably what I’m most looking forward to at this year’s expo.

John Fick

The game that has me laying awake at night this year is Evolve.  The tiny amount of gameplay we’ve seen so far is already enough that I am sure that my gaming group will be getting in a round or 2 of this game for years to come.  Playing Left 4 Dead for the first time still holds some of my best gaming memories and it looks like the team responsible has been working hard since than to push multiplayer gaming forward again.  I really hope that we get a peek at a new monster or two and maybe a beta period in the near future.  I can dream can’t i?   There are a lot of games to be excited about this E3.  More than there has been in many years. If I could only buy one of those games this fall, Evolve would be that game

Phil Valenti

The last time I heard there would be news about a new Mass Effect game, I immediately rushed online to get a peek what would hopefully be another great entry in the ME Universe.  Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed—Instead of getting a glimpse at new characters or gameplay, the article’s only hint was that development was “Somewhere in the middle.”  While that is certainly some good news, it just didn’t satisfy me.  I hope at E3 this year we actually get to see some of the good stuff!  Show me some combat, some cool characters, some new gameplay elements.  I can’t wait to step back into that amazing Sci-Fi universe.

Andrew Garvey

I’m extremely interested to see more of Sony’s “Project Morpheus” as well as the Oculus Rift. Virtual reality has been tried in the past in the form of Nintendo’s “Virtual Boy” but unfortunately the technology wasn’t quite there yet. I’m excited to see if they will announce any kind of price and/or release date for either of these products. Microsoft announced a while back that they were also working on their own virtual reality headset and I hope they show it off at E3. The more competition the better!

Matt Boyle

The one game I’m super pumped for is the new Zelda that they are hinting at from Nintendo. I’m interested to see what the graphics will be like on the Wii U. I was disappointed by the graphics of Skyward Sword and I’m hoping that this time they’ll improve it. I’m also hoping that they get away from ‘motion’ gaming. I want tp hack and slash and not have to wave my arm a million times. I’m super interested with how they’ll make use of the game pad as well as this DLC they are whispering about. I’m a huge Zelda fan and I can’t wait for another; I also wonder where this story will take the kingdom of Hyrule.

Sam Sarvis


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