X-Men: Days of Future Past Preview

Sticking with a common theme here at Geekiverse, I will be doing a preview of the upcoming superhero hit XMen Days of Future Past which releases in theaters this Friday May 23rd.

We’ve been through six adventures with Professor Xavier and his school of Mutants thus far, but nothing like this one. We’ve seen the rise of the Brotherhood of Mutants, discovered the origins of Wolverine and his brother, witnessed the almost genocide of the human race, as well as stood watch when they made their last stand. The only thing missing from the XMEN movies is the sentinels reminiscent of the comic book series. Sentinels were these robotic engineered super soldiers designed to kill the mutants in the world.

xmen 2

Well good news, they’re in the new movie! Inspired by the 1980 comics, XMen DoFP takes place in an alternate future. We get a glimpse of what this future holds for mutants, and it is rather devastating. With sentinels patrolling America hunting for mutants and executing them, most of the survivors are being held within mutant camps. In order to stop this alternate future from happening Professor Xavier tasks his mutants with their biggest test yet, saving their future selves. In the seventh installment of the X-men film series, this one seems to be a sure fire winner. Be sure to catch this movie when it releases in four days as it promises to be the best X-men yet. Keep it locked on Geekiverse for the upcoming review.


Are you excited for the latest installment in the X-men series? Leave a comment below!

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