The Amazing Spider-man 2 Review

It’s time for another installment from your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Ol’ web head is back for a second addition to The Amazing Spiderman series. Last time we left off, Peter was attempting to balance high school with family life, a love for Gwen Stacy, and his newly found powers. While trying to find out who he really is, Peter was on his way to discovering what happened to his parents. More unravels at the beginning of this sequel as to what really happened with Peter’s parents and their disappearance. Shortly after the flashback, we pan back into Spiderman doing what he does best, swinging into action and helping out the people of Manhattan. The sequences in this movie are what you would expect of a super hero movie and again thanks to our friend CGI, they are some of the more impressive scenes I’ve seen in a long time.

I really enjoyed the antagonist in this one as Jamie Foxx makes an appearance as Electro. His transformation from scientist at OsCorp into the Electro-fied super villain is one of the iconic scenes in this film. Eventually to add more trouble to Peter’s plate, our old friend Harry returns and becomes a villain to give Spidey a fight he could have never imagined even with his spidey-senses. This movie  was a great continuation of the overall series and delivered what it intended to. I really enjoyed the cinematic experience and feel that this was a great start to the summer movie season. It gave me the same excitement as the first movie that released in 2012. Andrew Garfield again gave a solid performance. Jamie Foxx as an actor is always a great artist, however his presence took away from the scientist up until the transformation. As in my review of The Amazing Spiderman, I stated I am not a fan of taking well-known actors and putting them in big roles because I feel that I lose focus on the character development. Luckily, his transformation was rather soon in this film and his blue-altered self really allowed me to focus back on a villain that will soon be iconic in superhero films.

I can not wait to see where the third film goes as Marc Webb continues to deliver the hero so many of us grew up watching on Sundays and reading about in the comic book series. This action packed summer hit is the official beginning to the summer season and a handful of incredible movies to come. The gauntlet of villains faced in this film coupled with that incredibly edgy new suit make this film a sure-fire hit and one you should most definitely go see. The action sequences and the mystery of who is the real Peter Parker left me wanting to know what happens next. Overall, I was impressed and felt that this movie was an improvement over the first film that released almost 2 years ago. This film  got my spidey-senses tingling, only to spark my anticipation for the next movie.


+ Antagonist
+ Better action sequences
+ Better delivery

– Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
– Another superhero movie (sigh)
– Somewhat predictable plot

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