Godzilla Review


Monster movies have been around since the beginning of film making. You have Dracula, The Werewolf, Frankenstein, but then there is the next level of movie monsters. By next level, I’m speaking of those monsters that stand above buildings and reside in lakes. I was as shocked as everyone else yet somehow extremely excited to hear of a new Godzilla movie. It was 1998 when we last saw the iconic appearance of this box office mega giant. Godzilla is back in the theaters and although I was sceptical, I was rather excited for this one. As most 90’s kids I grew up on Godzilla, Transformers, TMNT, and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. So this one for me was a must-see regardless of what initial reaction.

The movie is what you would normally expect of the genre – tons of explosions, a load of buildings being destroyed, and massive crowds of people running in fear yelling “Oh no, It’s Godzilla.” So on that point, this movie delivered. Let’s be honest though, we didn’t go to the movie to see the dramatic aspect of this film in which the plot follows a few military families as they deal with this rather large news that hit the media. Given the monster we all love being overused, it was rather refreshing to see that Godzilla isn’t his skinny, famished self reminiscent in the 1998 version of the film. I am rather excited that they incorporated the old appearance of the legendary overgrown Japanese lizard with a new school feel. It makes the movie feel reborn and re-energized.

The cast was rather lack luster aside from a very familiar face in the ever popular Bryan Cranston. Remember him? Maybe you recognize the name of both Malcolm’s dad in Malcolm in the Middle as well as the infamous Walter White in the hit series Breaking Bad.  Or perhaps as Tim Whatley in Seinfeld (Breaking Bad was easily the best work we’ve seen from this actor in his entire career). As for his performance in Godzilla, the dramatic lives of the cast that we follow honestly are not the reason we all see movies such as this. We go for the explosions and big booms. This movie (as with most now-a-days) had some very imaginative and exciting scenic images. When put into perspective, this cinematic experience was breathtaking. I loved the shot of the big beast through the smoke and destruction the most. It puts into motion the quote “There’s some kind of beauty in madness.” This movie delivered mostly on the monster portion and less on the drama.

The new monsters in this movie (called MUTOs) are a rather creative concept and eventually in this film we learn that Godzilla seems like a sort of savior for the people when they need saving from other monsters. Eventually, the military uses Godzilla’s help to rid the region of MUTOs presence and together they form an un-agreeable alliance. Toward the end of the movie (as with all of the films in this series), Godzilla seems dead but only returns to the sea waiting to be awakened again. Although the MUTOs give him quite a challenge, Godzilla is never easily defeated. After all, he is “King of all Monsters”.



+ Revamped monster antagonist and protagonist
+ Bryan Cranston
+ Great CGI scenery

– Lack of an advanced story line                                                                                 – Predictable movie


Eddie Lubecki is Geekiverse’s resident movie nut. Follow him on Twitter.

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