Final Fantasy X-X2 HD Remaster Review


Spoilers If you’ve never played X but seriously… It’s been out since 2001…

Okay fellow geeks! I know Final Fantasy X-X2 Remastered has been out since March, but I’m doing a review of it now since Geeikverse just went live this week. Secondly, this is going to be a much more opinionated review because I love this game.

I’m not much for replaying games.. (I.e. not having enough time, having a full time job with responsibilities basically being an adult.. or sorta one). Anyway, I had to replay this game. I loved the story, the music, and the battle systems when I played it 13 years ago, why wouldn’t I love it again?! Besides it’s the last good Final Fantasy…(I don’t count MMO’s but I do like Realm Reborn).

Playing through the opening again and watching Tidus play blitzball was just awesome and watching Sin tear through Zanarkand was aw-inspiring. graphics are just beautiful and the music  is some of Nobuo Uematsu’s best, which has also been remastered. The battle system to me is the best one they’ve ever implemented into a Final Fantasy. I love the toggling of characters without wasting a turn. The interactions and movements of characters can seem a bit clunky, but it was originally a PS2 game so it can be expected. Blitzball is still the same crazy underwater sport and everything is much the same as the PS2 version, but some new features have been added such as: New optional bosses called Dark Aeons which are substantially harder to beat and an expert sphere grid that allows you start anywhere you want.  There is also a nice little story that bridges the gap of FFX and FFX-2 about how Yuna comes into the service of the Gullwings called The Eternal Calm. As well as an audio drama that takes place after X-2.

After about a week or two of playing through this great and kinda convoluted story (aren’t all Final Fantasies?) I finally got to my favorite part of the game: The Ending. It hit me right in the feels again. Ten’s ending is the most beautiful and sad ending of a Final Fantasy (my favorite ending being FFIX). Playing X was like reliving my childhood and playing through an amazingly interactive movie. I love and I recommend giving it a play-through if you haven’t. On a side note, I don’t recall Tidus being so annoying when I was younger, but I didn’t let it get to me because you still have bad @$$ characters like Auron.

Now, I am only reviewing X and not X-2. I tried playing X-2 and had to turn it off. It took everything good about X and killed it. I really do wanna see how the story plays out in X-2 and I’ve read summaries, I just can’t play it. Your better off watching the cutscenes online. That being said, I’m going to give Final Fantasy X Remastered a 9.0/10.

Final Score:



+Battle System

+Remastered Music and Graphics

+Great Story

-Controls are clunky

-Whiny Tidus

ffx ps3



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