Microsoft Announces Xbox One Price Drop, Modifies Netflix Requirement, & Boosts Games With Gold Program

Today, Microsoft announced they will be shipping a less expensive Xbox One.

xbox oneBeginning June 9, gamers can purchase the Xbox One without Kinect 2.0 for $399 USD. The announcement comes just months after Microsoft said that they would not be selling a Kinect-less Xbox anytime soon. This could be a result of new leadership under the ever-popular Phil Spencer.

What this means for early adopters of the system remains to be seen.

Microsoft also announced that users will no longer be required to have an Xbox Live Gold Membership to utilize apps such as Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, and more. Sony’s Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Wii U have never required a subscription in order to use the respective apps.

Lastly, the company announced that Xbox One will join the Xbox 360’s Games With Gold program in June. Beginning last Summer, Xbox Live Gold users received two games free monthly (classics like Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed 2, and more have been featured). Check out our story on June’s featured titles for each system’s Games With Gold. Unlike the Xbox 360, subscribers must keep their subscription active in order to access the games (on the 360, subscribers can simply begin downloading the games to access them even if their subscription ever lapse.

Josiah LeRoy is Geekiverse’s Senior Editor. He likes long walks on the beach. Follow him on Twitter.


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