Flashback – The Amazing Spider-man Review


amazing spidermanBefore I begin my first official movie review, I would like to add a type of disclaimer, if you will. This review is my own personal opinion. It is simply that though, an opinion. Choose to believe me or not, that’s not really the purpose. I am here to give the reader insight or a preview into a movie from my perspective. If a movie receives a “bad” review, it does not mean you should not go and see that movie. You have different preferences than any other person and may like a movie I do not or dislike a movie I adored. So without further ado, here is my first official movie review of the movie series The Amazing Spider-man.

Overall, I had this standing confusion as to why they would “remake” Spider-man. The first trilogy of films defined the new standards for super hero movies, up until the Batman trilogy that followed. But I realized after watching this time around, they wanted to capture the same story line as the comic books this character was first introduced to us in. The Amazing Spider-man follows the story of Peter Parker, your typical “geek” from high school that was always overlooked. Played by Andrew Garfield, an actor I had little experience watching, Peter was abandoned by his parents as a boy, leaving him to be raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Like most teens, Peter tries to figure out who he is and how he became the person he is today.

Amazing-Spider-Man-LizardAs he discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins an adventure like no other in order to understand his parents’ disappearance. He eventually finds his way to Oscorp and finds his father’s former partner Dr. Curt Connors. As Spider-Man, Pete makes his mark and collides in a handful of action packed scenes, reminiscent of the comic books I used to read as a child with Dr. Connors’ alter ego, The Lizard. Eventually Peter learns what it takes to become a hero and ultimately learns what his true purpose is. As we know from the original trilogy, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

First off, it goes without stating that CGI in today’s day and age has taken movies over the edge with what is possible. To me, it is a moving art form and this movie has captured some very powerful images that I will never forget. The angles of some of the shots really help capture the feel of what it is like to have these spider-like powers. Overall, this movie gave me that excitement that is typical of most super hero movies. Comparing this movie to the first movie with Toby Maguire would be comparing apples and oranges however. They have their own personal spin on the story line and truly are two different movies entirely. We can still compare actors. I am always a fan of using lesser known actors to play major roles. Before this movie, I had no clue who Andrew Garfield was. This is a huge advantage to me because it allows me to truly look at a character rather than identify with who the actor is that is portraying him. This was done exceptionally well through using Toby Maguire in the originals, although Garfield lacks the same satire we are used to from our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The comics (and even the animated series) give me the impression that Garfield may not have completely been relatable to the character yet still did a fantastic job. Gwen Stacy (portrayed by Emma Stone) could have been better. Say what you will as a guy –  “She’s so hot” or “I love her as an actress.” She really did not capture the super model woman portrayed in comics or the animated series. Gwen Stacy should give a feeling like the girl next door’s step-mom rather than the girl next door. Emma Stone seems too young and not as mature as what I pictured for Gwen Stacy. Aside from that, as an actor or actress,s speech impediments usually throw me off and irritate me to the point where I lose focus on the character being developed and the important story line going on. Given the high expectations, I do feel all the actors and actresses did a great job –  I think there was just a slight miss pertaining to the typecast that is needed to excel in the super hero movie business. The choice of villain was outstanding in this one and really allowed for a unique approach to this movie. The first Spider-man with Maguire hinted at the Lizard being a future villain( if you recall the scene with Dr. Connors at the college campus, but never actually got around to using this character as an antagonist). Personally, I would have used him before using Doctor Octavius (or Doc Oc as we know him) in the second installment of that series. The new suit also was a huge upgrade to me and rather refreshing than what we are used to seeing. Aside from that, The Amazing Spiderman gave me the feel they were going for but ultimately did not fully deliver and for that, my rating for this movie sits at  7.3/10.




+ New suit, new Spider-man

+ Young cast allowed for relatable unbiased character relation

+ Awesome first antagonist

– Reboot of an already used character, leading to high expectations which weren’t fully met

– Lack of satire for Peter

– Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy


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